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12 Jan 2009
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08 Apr 2011
16 Jun 2016
Pudong, China
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  1. Now will be the beginning of the Disney park layout of six Area with 3 large landscape water. January 30, international tourism resort, with the A-1 and F-1 block in the core area of the project design to complete the online publicity, Shanghai Disneyland preliminary layout has surfaced - an area of about 91.1 hectares theme park will be the 6-Area 3 large landscape water distribution which. The park surrounding will also have two hotel areas, supporting the commercial and entertainment facilities, public transport hub, as well as visitors parking. Has announced the project design, A-1 and F-1 block in the east to the north slip road, west paddock River, north to the Xihuan Road, south west entrance Avenue area, including theme parks and parking two parts. The theme park area of about 91.1 hectares, the visitor parking area of approximately 21.6 hectares, the theme park of the floor area ratio of 0.44. From the design chart, the theme park's main entrance facing a central lake on both sides will be the commercial and entertainment facilities and hotels. The entire park is divided into six Area, the recreational facilities of the future will be mainly distributed in several large areas of the region, of which there are three patches representing the landscape water blue, as well as a natural river system. In the surrounding area, visitors car park layout has been basically delineated here will be primarily for self-driving parked, there will be a public transport connection bridge across, Xihuan so that visitors through the park entrance. The future will have at least two rail lines from the city arrived at Disney, including the rail cross connected by the connecting line and park on the 2nd line, as well as by Luo Shan Road station extension to the main entrance of the Disney orbit delivery on the 11th line, the two The rail lines will set a shared station. Visitors can select the bus arrived at the park, has a large public transport hub in the west of the main entrance.

  2. New Disney patent that may bring a new generation of ultra-realistic animatronics to the market (and Shanghai Disneyland?)

    More here:

  3. @Unregistered, two posts below - the amazing Shanghai Disneyland aerial, where did you get that from?
    Wonder if there's a high-res version of that pic somewhere out there!

  4. Screamscape posted Shanghai Disneyland layout maps

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    During a lunch at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, the Shanghai Disney Resort’s creative head, Bob Weis, and three LA-based Chinese imaginers shared with China Daily some of the exciting stories about their work on the Shanghai project.

    According to Weis, many of the designers involved with the Shanghai resort have visited China multiple times to experience Chinese culture, and have incorporated elements into their work and discussed improvements with colleagues. Every design in the Shanghai Disney Resort is subject to critical review and debate. “We encourage the exchange of ideas so we can select the best concepts while recognizing there are no stupid ideas,” he said.

    One of the most debated designs has been of the main castle, the centre piece of every Disney resort. To ensure a perfect castle for the Shanghai theme park, the team pinned many drafts on a giant wall to solicit opinions from visitors and partners.

    Lead castle designer Doris Woodward, a senior director and producer who traces her family background to Shanghai, said Shanghai’s castle will be the biggest among Disney’s castles worldwide. Instead of being home to any single princess, the castle in Shanghai will be home to all of Disney’s princesses, including Snow White and Pocahontas.

    Beijing-born and raised Yu Xuan, one of the LA-based imaginers, is in charge of organizing creative design focus groups and the immersive trips across China. “We get ideas of what Chinese audiences want through questionnaires and face-to-face interviews with thousands of people in many cities. One key thing we have found is that they all want to take away from their Shanghai Disney Resort experience a collective memory that can be shared among family members throughout their entire lives,” she said.

    Tom Staggs, chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, said some of the designs in the Shanghai park have been pinned down but some are still up for modification. Designs will be constantly improved and refined during the development phase and visitors will be “surprised” when they enter the park at the end of 2015, he said. He added that the Shanghai Park will also feature plenty of rides and attractions, many of which are newly designed and cannot be found at other Disney theme parks.

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  8. @ilovechina

    Jun and Bao probably have new houses close-by now. They were offered relocation packages and given a lot of time to move. Many of them have bigger houses than before, and the values of their properties will rise once Disneyland is operating. The Chinese government and Disney had no other choice but to relocate villagers since there was simply no empty space in the outskirts of Shanghai which could possibly accommodate the size of a Disney Resort! Believe me, there is no black and white.

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    When I see these photos I think...

    Quote Originally Posted by yitsin View Post
    And then I took the bicycle to the river, and played with the ducks. The neighbors were passing by from time to time. I really loved Jun's fruit shop, Jun used to laugh a lot, and Bao with his little garage, fixing motorcycles, he never managed to repair them properly. But who cared?

    Oh, the mouse arrived:

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