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    I think the Disney management ... There's a message with more pictures of Brook Lopez in Shanghai on Shanghai Disney Resort's official pages (micro blogging):

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    Who let him in?

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    Shanghai Disneyland Castle under construction behind Brook Lopez, Brooklyn Nets basketball player.

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    From an interview with Bob Iger:

    ’s theme park in Shanghai that’s opening in 2015 will avoid the troubles that have plagued the company’s resort in Paris, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Robert Iger said.

    The Shanghai park won’t have the debt overhang that hurt Disneyland Paris from the start, and will benefit from a larger local population base and stronger economy, Iger said yesterday in an interview on Bloomberg Television

    “Euro Disney’s troubles date back a couple of decades and had to do with a financial structure of that business almost at inception,” Iger said in an interview from the Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit in San Francisco. “They took on a lot of debt. Their pricing models were off, and they ended up in an economy that was very, very bumpy over the years.”

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    That pic is from a slideshow that is full of really interesting info and pictures. It was posted here months ago, when WDI actually won the award. I'm not sure why Disney Parks Blog took so long to write about it.

    Check out the PDF on this page:

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    Chevrolet may have fled Europe, but it now will be the "official car" of the Shanghai Disney Resort, Chevy global chief Tim Mahoney said today.

    Shanghai GM, General Motors' joint venture with SAIC, will build a "large-scale iconic attraction" at Shanghai Disneyland.

    GM provided few details about the new attraction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous View Post
    NO main street, haunted mansion, thunder mountain, space mountain, splash mountain, toon town!? ~passes out~
    They don't need those classic stuff from EVERYWHERE ELSE.
    I like this special park.

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    NO main street, haunted mansion, thunder mountain, space mountain, splash mountain, toon town!? ~passes out~

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