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    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous View Post
    NO main street, haunted mansion, thunder mountain, space mountain, splash mountain, toon town!? ~passes out~
    They don't need those classic stuff from EVERYWHERE ELSE.
    I like this special park.

  2. Anonymous Guest
    NO main street, haunted mansion, thunder mountain, space mountain, splash mountain, toon town!? ~passes out~

  3. Anonymous Guest
    Finally they've got power!

    Shanghai Disney Resort recently passed a new milestone with the powering up of the resort's 35-kilovolt substation.

    With the support from the State Grid Shanghai Municipal Electric Power Company, the substation is providing power to the resort development and will supply the future operation of the resort's theme park and parking facilities.

    As a key infrastructure project for Shanghai Disneyland, the resort's Magic Kingdom-style theme park, the substation is a perfect example of how innovative design and technology practices are being used in achieving the digitalisation of the resort development.

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    According to the unofficial attraction list, I think there is no Haunted Mansion or Mystic Manor attraction.

  5. Anonymous Guest
    I assume that the Haunted Mansion type attraction will be Mystic Manor from Hong Kong Disneyland and the Splash Mountain type attraction I believe is the Roaring Rapids attraction planned for Adventure Isle A.K.A Adventureland.

  6. Anonymous Guest
    Shanghai Disneyland... will there be a Haunted Mansion and a Splash Mountain?

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    Adding a few close-up shots which I haven't posted in the original update:

    Taken June 24, 2014:

    Name:  shanghai-disneyland-81.jpg
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    This is most probably the Pirates of the Caribbean building

    Name:  shanghai-disneyland-82.jpg
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    Roaring rapids rafting ride structure

    Name:  shanghai-disneyland-83.jpg
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    Seven Dwarfs Mine Train coaster tracks and Downtown Disney in the background

    Name:  shanghai-disneyland-84.jpg
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    Disney hotel across the lake

    Name:  shanghai-disneyland-85.jpg
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    This should be Downtown Disney and/or the park entrance

    Name:  shanghai-disneyland-86.jpg
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    Tron roller coaster

    Name:  shanghai-disneyland-87.jpg
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    Park panorama

    Name:  shanghai-disneyland-88.jpg
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    Park entrance on the left, artificial lake on the right

  8. Anonymous Guest
    Frenchman, Philippe Gas has been appointed as general manager of the new Shanghai Disney Resort.

    Gas joins from Euro Disney in Paris, where he was President of Euro Disney S.A.S., the management company of both Euro Disney S.C.A., the holding company, and Euro Disney Associes S.C.A., the operator of Disneyland Paris.
    “We need China to create growth for our company. We need China to be stable and continue to create growth in order to create growth in our company,” said Disney CEO, Bob Iger at a conference in April.

  9. Anonymous Guest

  10. Anonymous Guest
    Connectivity news:

    A high-speed link would be extended from Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station, passing through Shanghai East Railway Station and on to Pudong International Airport, said Guo Zhuxue, chief of Shanghai Railway Bureau.

    This would provide a speedy link to Shanghai Disneyland, both for passengers on rail services that would otherwise terminate at Hongqiao and for visitors arriving at Pudong International Airport.

    Hongqiao Railway Station is 35 kilometers from the Disneyland site, while Pudong airport is 10km from the resort. As China’s high-speed trains travel at up to 300 kilometers per hour, the distance could be covered within minutes.

    Earlier this year, Shanghai transit authorities announced that Metro Line 11 will run a Disney-themed train on the subway extension taking visitors from Luoshan Road Station to Shanghai Disneyland, which has been under construction since October.

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