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    Taken from the freeway:

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    The brand new Shanghai Disney Resort will stage the popular Disney musical, The Lion King, when it opens next year.

    The Broadway show will be staged in Mandarin at the theme park’s 1,200-seat Grand Theatre, which is currently under construction adjacent to Shanghai Disneyland. This will be the world’s first production of The Lion King performed in Mandarin.

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    Latest picture of the Tron coaster and video, found on

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    Awesome pictures, thanks for posting them!!

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    I passed the Shanghai Disney resort on the MAGLEV train to the north of the site. We were going 270 mph, so I'm glad I didn't blink or I would've missed it.

    The castle is beginning to go up.

    The Tron coaster is covered, but not enclosed yet. I could make out the track, but the pictures don't do it justice. The castle is behind the clump of trees on the left.

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    Here are some new satellite photos of Shanghai Disneyland, taken this month. Buildings start to appear, there are new digs and the lake of Adventureland is being prepared.

    They also started leveling the area on the right of the park, the site of the future second gate.

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    Pirates of the Caribbean structure:

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    the Walt Disney Company on Monday announced a deal to increase spending on its coming Shanghai megaresort by $800 million.
    A spokeswoman said the $800 million would flow entirely toward new offerings and that the deal in no way reflected budget overruns.

    Is that true? The claim of the spokeswoman?

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