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    Kurt Henrickson, you are working for Disney or Shendi Group?

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    As an imagery analyst, may I ask where you obtained these images?

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    Recent satellite imagery of Shanghai Disneyland (January 2014), NOT available on Google Earth/Maps:

    Full Resort View:
    Name:  shanghai-disneyland-56.jpg
Views: 7997
Size:  177.2 KB

    Theme Park:
    Name:  shanghai-disneyland-57.jpg
Views: 12119
Size:  178.3 KB

    Downtown Disney (left) and Entrance (right):
    Name:  shanghai-disneyland-58.png
Views: 6484
Size:  785.0 KB

    Castle and Garden:
    Name:  shanghai-disneyland-59.jpg
Views: 6387
Size:  128.9 KB

    Name:  shanghai-disneyland-60.png
Views: 6649
Size:  819.0 KB

    Name:  shanghai-disneyland-61.png
Views: 6395
Size:  790.0 KB

    Tomorrowland, Toy Story Playland and Toy Story Hotel:
    Name:  shanghai-disneyland-62.png
Views: 6352
Size:  819.7 KB

    Lake and 2nd Hotel:
    Name:  shanghai-disneyland-63.jpg
Views: 6230
Size:  130.2 KB

    Found and prepared by Ivan from WorldOfDisney

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  6. Anonymous Guest
    EXCLUSIVE! Shanghai Disneyland under construction (satellite view):

    Name:  shanghai-disneyland-55.png
Views: 6525
Size:  1.24 MB

  7. Anonymous Guest
    There will be a roller coaster of the 7 Dwarfs, the same one that is about to open in Disney World.

  8. Anonymous Guest
    I have a question.

    Will there really be only ONE roller coaster in this first phase of the park? We will get the Tron Lightcycles coaster, but that's about it. No Big Thunder Mountain, no Space Mountain, nothing new. Every other Disney park has at least 2 major roller coasters, and Shanghai Disneyland will only get... one?

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    SHANGHAI DISNEYLAND Tron Lightcycles Power Run progress:

    Name:  shanghai-disneyland-53.jpg
Views: 7354
Size:  38.5 KB

  10. Anonymous Guest
    Shanghai Disney coaster columns (with Michael Eisner)!!

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