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  1. Anonymous Guest
    Wow. Progress. I had believed it was on hold.

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    Photo from Google Maps.

  3. Anonymous Guest
    When I compare the new pics with the old ones, and look on the dates... to me the project looks on hold.

  4. Anonymous Guest
    Construction progress as of June 2014.

    Photos posted by Ezam Construction Investment Company and Mark Pyruz:


  5. Anonymous Guest

  6. Anonymous Guest
    I wish I knew, as well! They obviously have issues importing rides. After all, this is Iran.

  7. Anonymous Guest
    it is interesting for me to know about the rides suppliers, is there any update about final negotiation?

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    All satellite imagery copyright by Google Maps:

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    Latest construction update. Photos taken at the end of August:

  10. LI
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    This theme park is also referred to as '1001 Cities'

    From LinkedIn sources:

    1001 Cities is a 140 Ha Mixed use project located in Tehran (Capital city of Iran) with around 2 Billions USD capital investments. Kurit Omran is fully responsible to develop this project. In addition to Theme Park, the core project of 1001 cities with 50 Ha land area (Largest Theme Park in Middle east), there are 5 other subprojects such as Water Park, Shopping Mall, Entertainment Street (ES), 3 Hotels and Office tower.

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