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  1. CarlySX is online now themeparX Legend
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    Dec 2015
    Google Earth was updated in October and it did look like some further work had been completed. Foundations look more solid, The building at the very back of the site (where you can see the crane) is slowly going up and the entrance courtyard has improved substantially.

    Will be interesting to see if anything else has gone on since October. In most of the google earth images there seemed to be work taking place at the time of the image being taken and on this one not so much seems to be happening on site with workers and vehicles though you can still see cars parked up around the office areas to the bottom right.

    Source: Google Earth

  2. Anonymous Guest
    It's on hold. That's why they've gone quiet.

  3. Anonymous Guest
    What's the progress on this?

    Here's some material from the investor/construction company's official site:

    Shahre Gheseh Theme Park Is Designed By Canadian Firm, Forrec Ltd., Which Has Designed Universal Studios’ Theme Parks Around The World.
    (Hezaro Yek is the name of the shopping mall linked to the theme park)

  4. Anonymous Guest
    This park is in trouble -- developer ran out of funds, construction has stopped.

  5. Earthling is offline Senior Park Investigator
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    Story City Tehran on 3 February 2015:

    Source: Google Earth and DigitalGlobe

  6. Anonymous Guest
    Wow. Progress. I had believed it was on hold.

  7. Bevy is offline Senior Park Investigator
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    Photo from Google Maps.

  8. Anonymous Guest
    When I compare the new pics with the old ones, and look on the dates... to me the project looks on hold.

  9. Anonymous Guest
    Construction progress as of June 2014.

    Photos posted by Ezam Construction Investment Company and Mark Pyruz:


  10. Anonymous Guest

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