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Local Name:
سي وورلد أبوظبي
13 Dec 2016
Construction Start:
Abu Dhabi, UAE
20 ha
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    @Anonymous Do you have an online source for this rumor, or is this something that you've heard personally?

  2. Rumor has it that SeaWorld will become the third theme park (after Ferrari, Warner Bros) on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi.

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    Seaworld announced that they are taking another look at Middle Eastern Expansion.

    Manby also announced progress in SeaWorld’s global expansion plans, saying the company had “moved to the next phase of our international development strategy" and signed an MoU with a Middle Eastern partner.
    “Over the course of the year we will continue to focus on our simplified pricing plan and explore opportunities to further develop our resort strategy as we continue to implement the key components of our plan,” Manby said.

  4. Originally planned SeaWorld Dubai location (2008):

  5. SeaWorld is moving forward with plans for a Middle East expansion, the company said on Thursday.

    "We are making progress," CEO Joel Manby said of the plans during a third-quarter earnings call with investors. "I don't want anyone to think they've stopped." He added that the company's yet-unnamed partners on the project had traveled to Orlando, Florida, for a meeting last month.

  6. SeaWorld is moving forward for the Middle East expansion plans.

  7. Any details regarding the proposed location? Palm Jebel Ali, as envisioned in 2008, or as part of Dubai Parks & Resorts?

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    SeaWorld Dubai's original location was on the now-abandoned Palm Jebel Ali:

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