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    Oriental Land announces plans to expand Tokyo Disney Resort, but NO third theme park:

    Oriental Land Co. on Sunday officially announced plans to expand Tokyo Disney Resort. The operator of TDR is planning to expand one of its two theme parks, either Tokyo Disneyland or Tokyo DisneySea. It ruled out the possibility of establishing a third theme park. It will announce more information about the plan, such as new attractions and when the expansion will be complete, as soon as the details are confirmed.

    “We would like to create a Tokyo Disney Resort that fulfills new dreams. Currently, we are planning the park’s expansion and looking into how to expand our park,” said Oriental Land Chairman Toshio Kagami at a ceremony commemorating the 35th anniversary, and giving the first official word on the expansion plans, reported last November, which aim to increase visitor numbers and reduce congestion.

    Details of the expansion and when it will happen have not yet been determined. A project to turn the existing ground-level parking lot into a multistory car park tower is scheduled to be completed in fiscal 2019. The development will free up land and open the way for new features to be added. The expansion project is expected to start after the parking revamp is complete.

    Tokyo Disney Resort drew 30.1 million visitors in fiscal 2017, marking the fifth year in a row in which more than 30 million people have passed through its gates. The theme park’s success means the need to reduce congestion has become more pressing.

    More attractions to be completed over the next few years include one named “ Soarin’,” which will open at Tokyo DisneySea in 2019, and a "Beauty and the Beast"-themed facility to be added at Tokyo Disneyland in 2020.

    Source: Asahi Shimbun and Japan News
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    Now 2 tower cranes above the Harry Potter construction site in Islands of Adventure.
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    It's no secret though. If you go on Street View, you can litteraly see the 1096 number in Disney style (similar to Cast Members badges)
    Plus in Google Earth we can see the same technology that was used for Test Track / Journey to Center of the Earth / Cars Land.
    And if you just google the address, WDI results are coming up.
  4. Thread: Universal Studios London

    Post by: fradz
    Quote Originally Posted by Guest View Post
    I've seen a few articles about this online and apparently there has been some talk of The London Resort creators leaving themselves open for talks with other big-film studios, and NBC Universal was mentioned. I'm from the UK and I wouldn't mind there being either a Universal Studios London or a Disneyland UK/Britain/London over here. It'd save many Brits a fortune in flight/ferry tickets and accommodation etc.
    Disneyland in UK would never, ever ever happen. Disneyland Paris already relies heavily on British tourism to sustain their activity, TWDC would not put two of their own theme parks in competition
  5. Thread: Universal Studios London

    Post by: fradz
    Disneyland Paris, the closest thing to a Universal Studios London-type of park, has 20% of its visitors coming from the UK. There is definitely a large demand coming from there, if they're able to attract a decent portion of the UK market plus some tourists and the parkfans to their location, it's not impossible for them to succeed.

    If we're talking strictly about weather, sunny UAE is struggling at the moment with its theme parks. Location is key
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    There were talks of starting preparing the land for the 2nd gate right after construction would be finalized for Shanghai. However, with the major expansion announced for the first park in the meantime, surely this will be pushed back?! Especially with the difficulties they are having in discussions with the government to finance these expansions.

    Does anyone have an idea what the timeline would look like for an hypothetical 2nd gate?
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    Yes, it reveals they are consistent with their artist rendering... See picture posted below on April 25th

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    According to Inside Universal, this plan is real but an older version. Pokémon, Kirby, and others would not be part of the plan anymore, with a stronger focus on the broader Mario universe
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