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  1. Thread: Legoland Beijing

    Post by: MouseEars
    Looks like the railway is being extended to include the potential new location for LEGOLAND Beijing.

    The suburban railway sub-center line will extend west to the Yamenkou and then south to Fangshan, and the Liangchen Railway will hold the sub-center line. Legoland may settle in Fangshan, and Beijing may use Liangchen Railway to provide high-volume rail transportation services for the Legoland project.
  2. Thread: Legoland Sichuan

    Post by: MouseEars

    According to the press conference, Legoland Sichuan covers an area of ??about 365 acres, with a total construction area of ??more than 120,000 square meters, covering LEGO Factory, Building Block World, Pirate Shore, Mini World, LEGO Castle, Dinosaur Island, LEGO City, LEGO Friends, LEGO Phantom Ninja, and LEGO Water Park (under planning). This is the first Legoland in China following Denmark, the United Kingdom, Germany, the United States, Malaysia, the UAE, and Japan, and the ninth Legoland in the world.
    According to a set of statistics, Sichuan currently has 11 world-class tourism resources and more than 400 natural resources above the national level. Since 2014, Sichuan has achieved total tourism revenue growth of more than 100 billion for five consecutive years. Sichuan has a "family base" of resources such as history, culture and nature, and at the same time there are more top-level resources in the world, constantly upgrading and optimizing tourism in Sichuan.
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    Parc Astérix completes its accommodation offer with a third hotel
    Welcome to the heart of the famous Lutèce! At the time, the city was organized around the Seine and had a vibrant commercial and cultural life. It is said that at nightfall, the quays filled up visibly and that laughter and the clanging of mugs were answered from one bank to the other. This is how the hotel Les Quais de Lutèce was designed, connecting the two banks of the Seine, as an authentic witness to the Roman art of living.

    This third hotel will also have 150 rooms and will complement the Parc Astérix hotel offer . It will also have its own seminar center, but also a swimming pool and a spa. The scenography signed Thierry Retif incorporates the codes of this ancient theme, transporting visitors in an authentic and friendly atmosphere.

    Able to accommodate up to 4 to 5 people, each room of around 30m² offers well-being and harmony of colors (sienna, brown, beige and sand). Comfortable and functional, with custom-designed furniture, these rooms are equipped with TV, free Wi-Fi, telephone, dressing room and air conditioning.

    The hotel also stands out for its production of hot water supported by 70 m² of solar panels installed on the roofs, but also by its wooden elements and facades from eco-responsible and sustainable French forests. The Park's commitment is also reflected in the collaboration with almost exclusively local subcontracting companies.

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    Email to employees of Universal contains info on construction projects, all still being worked on.

    Our construction projects around the globe – Super Nintendo World in Osaka and Hollywood, Universal’s Epic Universe in Orlando and Universal Beijing all remain active and on track under protocols established by government officials and with their support.
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    Does anyone know where this location is? Land-clearing has already begun for the Riyadh sites according to the press release in November 2019.

    One of the leaders in the Saudi Arabian drive to transform the country’s leisure and entertainment offering is Saudi Entertainment Ventures and its CEO Bill Ernest spoke to InterGame revealing just what its roadmap contained. [...] The construction that Ernest speaks of is considerable, too. Averaging an impressive 50,000sq.m each, 20 Seven branded, indoor entertainment complexes are planned for the kingdom and will comprise 50 per cent entertainment, 30 per cent F&B and 20 per cent dedicated retail.
    Land clearing and construction on two sites in the capital, Riyadh, are already under way with sites in the eastern city of Dammam being worked on, too. US-headquartered global design and architecture firm Gensler is putting together the outside designs and fellow US experience design and production agency Thinkwell is responsible for the guest journey inside.
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