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    Does anybody know where the 10-Inversion Coaster will be located?
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    By browsing through the web I found another Wanda theme park. It is indoor, but infact it is just an artwork from the "Sanderson Group" and it is located in Changbaishan. Here is the artwork:

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    Hey guys Iīm new at themeparx. I have made a map with the themed areas and I found out, that the park will built two roller coasters. The artwork and the plan are from and so I made a overview of the themed areas.
    First the rollercoaster which I find out:
    The rollercoaster on top I donīt know which type it ist. But the bottom rollercoaster is Vekoma SFC similiar to Freedom Flyer at Fun Spot.

    But now the themed areas:
    Red. Hollywood Plaza
    Yellow. ???
    Blue: Old West Canyon
    Dark Green: Looney Tones Village
    Purple: Gotham City or DC Universe
    Dark Blue: DC Universe or Gotham City

    And know I have made a quik photoshop to see where the areas are located:
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