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Romon World is now open. Book your trip!

  1. Anonymous Guest
    Romon World is up and running since autumn 2014. This is their official weibo (= the Chinese Facebook) page:

  2. Anonymous Guest
    I believe the park has opened in the meantime and it looks like a 1:1 copy of Lotte World:



  3. Anonymous Guest
    Isn't it already open?

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    I think this park is copy park of Lotte World in Korea.
    It's too simillar.... Lotte World has Monorail, and Indoor, outdoor parks and also Romon World has!

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  9. Anonymous Guest
    I am from China. I heard about Roman World, The investment company is Ningbo Romon Group, they built this commercial mall from 2012, predicted will be completed in 2014. The operation mode will be like Lotte in Korea. Some people called it 'Chinese Disney', but i never been there.

  10. Anonymous Guest
    RCDB states Yinzhou, which means somewhere in the south of Ningbo:

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