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  1. Anonymous Guest
    This project is as dead in the water as Universal Studios Dubailand.

  2. Anonymous Guest
    I checked it and it still works.

  3. Anonymous Guest
    Which website? It's still there:

  4. Anonymous Guest
    The website domain is now up for sale.

  5. Anonymous Guest
    I read Robot Land's website, I check all pages, but there was no pictures, press release news, or any official comment regard the actual construction of the robot land.

    The theme park is a part of robot-related research, development, educational and manufacturing project that also include condos and public facilities. However, the web site mentioned about the lack of investors toward the project as a whole.

    The recent update post was an invitation to a information session for investors regard to robot researching center/building construction (which is not a part of theme park itself), I think its safe to assume they are still in a initial planning stage.

    What I can tell for certain is there is no way the Robot Land theme park would be complete in 2015, much less 2016. Typically, the construction of a theme park alone takes few years if its not longer.

  6. Anonymous Guest
    What about construction?

  7. Bevy is offline Senior Park Investigator
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    Feb 2015
    Robotland Korea's groundbreaking ceremony happened last September 26, 2014.

    Location: Incheon Free Economic Zone


  8. Anonymous Guest
    Any progress on RobotLand construction?

  9. Anonymous Guest
    When is the construction and ground-breaking?

  10. Bevy is offline Senior Park Investigator
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    Feb 2015
    Robot Land will be in Incheon, South Korea. The 365 foot Taekwon V Tower will serve as the central icon of the park. It will feature an observation deck on top and a dark ride themed to the automaton hero at the base.

    More images from the source:

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