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    Anything on this?

  2. Anonymous Guest
    This is really sad! I was thinking of visiting Jordan when I heard that the King was having a Star Trek theme park constructed.

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    Feature on Red Sea Astrarium:

    Jordan’s King Abdullah, though not an investor, has taken a personal interest in the company’s biggest project, a $1 billion theme park called the Red Sea Astrarium that was to be built in the coastal town of Aqaba. Announced in 2011 for a 2014 opening.... The theme park was to feature high-tech rides in which visitors would sail above the Seven Wonders of the World.
    However, some bad news.
    Tourism plummeted, and plans to build the family-friendly theme park have been postponed.

  4. Anonymous Guest
    Interesting interview with the head of Paramount Licensing. Seems to indicate that work is currently on-going for this park. Is it dead? This article would seem to argue not.

  5. Anonymous Guest
    Construction work on the resort, which is expected to create around 4,000 jobs when opened, will begin in the third quarter of this year, with a soft opening targeted for the third quarter of 2017.

  6. Anonymous Guest
    Finally going ahead. I still can't believe it. In Aqaba, of all places?!

  7. Anonymous Guest
    Arabtec Holding announced today that its subsidiary, Arabtec Construction, has been selected to execute an Dh5.7 billion ($1.55 billion) contract for construction of the Red Sea Astrarium, a themed entertainment resort in Aqaba, Jordan.
    Developed by an international fund, Red Sea Astrarium LP, the themed entertainment park will be home to four leading international luxury hotels (...). The entertainment park will also feature authentic and modern retail, dining and entertainment waterfronts overlooking a man-made lagoon and constituting the cultural and social hearts of the Astrarium. The waterfronts will have a number of unique entertainment attractions including a 4D cinema, Adventure Centre, Theatre, Water park and a signature Star Trek immersive experience, created in collaboration with Paramount Parks & Resorts and CBS Consumer Products.

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  9. Anonymous Guest
    The RGH-designed attractions include a 4D cinema, an indoor themed water park, as well as innovative i-Ride Wonders.

    Another highlight will be the Cradle of Inspiration attraction – a journey through space and time, which explores the nature of creativity and inspiration, aboard a ride system.

    An Adventure Centre will also feature where guests can train for extreme adventures like sky diving, rock climbing, scuba diving, or even piloting a submarine.

    The resort will host the American Museum of Natural History's Silk Road Exhibition throughout its Hijazi Gardens.

    Technology and Interactive experiences will include a global first for 4D inverted simulation that is different on every ride.

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    Groundbreaking work has started at the 184-acre tourist resort in Aqaba, the high commissioner of the Aqaba special economic zone authority, Kamel Mahadin, announced at a ceremony at the World Economic Forum yesterday.
    According to Rubicon, the film production company is not investing any money in the project but is designing the entertainment facilities in the resort. The company estimates that the Red Sea Astrarium will attract 480,000 visitors a year. By comparison Dubai's six planned theme parks announced as part of two separate projects at Jebel Ali and Mohammed bin Rashid City are expected to attract 10 million visitors per year.

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