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    Are you suggesting the park site is rotting?

  2. Anonymous Guest

    Even the blackberries can't wait to get a piece of the action!

  3. Anonymous Guest
    What happened to this park? On hold?

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    The civil construction of the largest pools for the waterpark is complete. Civil construction for the Wave Pool, a large dual wave pool that will produce 8 different wave variations and designed with a stage in the center were performance acts can be viewed from either in the water or along the 120m long beach area.

    The Lazy River will be the center piece of Ramayana Water Park, it will be 800 meters longs and have a number of different sections including a wave section, a torrent river section, caves and waterfalls plus 2 beach entry sections. The civil works on the Jacuzzi pool with bar and the 70 meter activity pool are also complete. 8,990 tons of concrete has been used and these pools will hold a total of more than 7,500 cubic meter of water.

    Construction of Ramayana Water Park continues!

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    Big time behind schedule. Any opening date?

  6. Anonymous Guest
    Latest construction pics:


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    Groundbreaking ceremony in November 2012:

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    Ramayana Water Park will be South East Asia’s largest waterpark and Thailand’s first internationally designed, constructed and managed waterpark. The waterpark will be designed and built to the highest of international standards on approximately 160,000 sqm offering the latest thrill and family rides supplied by the world’s leading manufacturer WhiteWater West Industries
    The Ramayana Water Park began construction in March 2012 at Na Jomtien, Pattaya.
    Source and official website:

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    Ramayana Water Park

    Status: under construction

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