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  1. Bevy is offline Senior Park Investigator
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    Feb 2015
    More Ramayana updates!

    Now it is time to move to our 2nd slide complex, which is just around the corner. While last week was all about speed, next week will be about swings and bends - turning left and right and up and down - again and again. And - you can share your screams, as you will not be alone anymore, using a tube with friend or family.

  2. Bevy is offline Senior Park Investigator
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    Feb 2015
    Photos from the developer (JWS Construction)


  3. Anonymous Guest
    Any news?

  4. Anonymous Guest
    Wow, what a difference a few months makes! Looks like the "aqua loop" egress section is next to be swallowed by blackberries!

  5. Anonymous Guest
    PS if you get hold of company A (manufacturer) and they are made aware of this I will delete the upload no problem.
    It's actually a bit of a confusing post and an embarrassment with all the "holes" in the story.

  6. Anonymous Guest


    Please note that I am not doing this to embarrass anybody!

    After failed attempts via the phone and messages I couldn't get anybody to give me an email to send my pics too!
    At one point I decided to visit the manufacturer... A
    I tried to report that A's storage facility... B was possibly neglecting A's product. Can you believe that they won't accept anonymous info? They wouldn't take my number or give me a card!
    Who are you? Why are you here? What company are you with? oh, and my favorite... how do you know it's ours?
    There were no Blackberries at the time so I said forget it!
    Fast forward to a visit with an irate RCMP officer last week.
    Company A reported me to company B and now I am being called delusional and in need of mental help?!
    Fine by me as it must all be taken care of right?
    Wrong... I just had ta look and guess what, blackberries now occupy possibly sensitive and important equipment.
    As for winding up here... RAMANAYA is written all over this stuff.
    Not bad for a crazy guy, eh?
    Thank you sooo much for actually taking me serious.

  7. Anonymous Guest
    The pic loads right-side up. I am sure you have more pics. Please post them!!

  8. Anonymous Guest
    I don't mean to be mysterious but it depends on what part of the world you are in.

  9. Anonymous Guest
    Do you have more pictures?

  10. Anonymous Guest
    Wow, people actually answer these kinda forums?
    I don't suggest that the park is rotting. It is my contention that some of the components needed in this project are being neglected and in fact... as you suggest, may be rotting.
    For some strange reason that pic didn't load right-side up.

    Lucky for Thailand though as it is not a welcoming climate for blackberries!

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