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Local Name:
PortAventura expansión
Construction Start:
07 Apr 2017
8 ha
Feasibility Study / Consultants:
  1. tronik6 is offline Senior Park Investigator
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    Today inside the blue area there is PortAventura theme park, the Acuatic Park, and 2 huge hotels with big resorts, also there's extra space for 2 more theme parks (Masterplan1) not yet build. You can see all this in my previous attached picture of the Masterplan 2.

    In my opinion there's enoughspace in the new area for 6 parks, but it seems that will be 1 park with 6 themed areas interconnected.

    Take a look on the LUMINE area size the actual land ocupation on the map in this link!prettyPhoto

  2. Not enough space for 6 theme parks!

  3. rides?
    Exactly this is the question.

  4. tronik6 is offline Senior Park Investigator
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    Barcelona World = PortAventura Masterplan (evolved) - LUMINE (remastered)

    In this area, there was some different "Masterplans" in the timeline, First it will be Universal Mediterranea with at least 3 theme parks, but recently this land was splited of PortAventura and became project LUMINE, a residential area (see masterplan II picture) that was partially done, if you visit the website you can see what is made an what is render. You can alse see an interactive masterplan (till someone delete)

    So after different projects, now with important investors: CaixaBank (land owner) and Veremonte, this LUMINE (residential golf resort project) it will be converted to a new theme park, with 6 areas that will recreate Europe, EE.UU., Rusia, China, Brasil and India, each one with with family amusement areas, hotel, casino, theater, convention center, rides? ...

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    This article speaks of six theme parks:

    Catalan President Artur Mas, leading savings bank La Caixa and Sao Paulo, Brazil, based real estate developer Veremonte Participacoes S.A. entered a deal to build a complex of six theme parks, six hotels totaling 12,000 rooms, casinos, restaurants, theaters and offices on 826 hectares in Tarragona, near the existing PortAventura theme park and resort. Spanish entrepreneur Enrique Banuelos, who is on the Forbes list of world billionaires, is on the board of Veremonte.
    This one mentions no theme parks at all, only hotels and casinos:

    "Barcelona World" envisages six large tourist complexes near Port-Aventura south of Barcelona with 20,000 hotel rooms, shopping centres, a theatre, convention centre, casinos, services and offices.
    Each complex would represent a country or region: Europe, the United States, China, Brazil, Russia and India, and the project promoters said they hope to lure 10 million visitors a year.
    Another theme park(-that-isn't) announcement same as this one?

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    PortAventura expansion (Ferrari Land)

    Status: announced

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