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    The difference between Europe (Spain) and the GCC (Dubai): Spain talks 5 years and gets nothing done, while Dubai doesn't talk at all and builds 5 theme parks in the same period. Jobs are where the action is. That's why Emirates has Spanish cabin crews and Iberia is almost broke. Different worlds.

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    Jesus was the instigator and driving force behind the project, but who knows there may be someone else in the team to pick it up and run with it - I hope so.

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    What difference will this make ?

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    It has been announced Jesus Samper, the leader of Premursa, has died so it is unlikely the project will go ahead.

    Sympathy to his family and friends.

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    Good news; slow but good.

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    According to the official Premursa website, the project is not dead yet:

    Premursa Theme Park, developing company of Paramount Park project, has received the positive rating from the Regional Incentives Board, under the Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations, regarding the application presented las February in order to obtain a grant by virtue of which the company led by Jesús Samper would receive 16.9 million Euros for the construction of the ambitious project located in Alhama de Murcia.
    On June 13, the Regional Incentives Board, under the Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations, informed the developing company of the project about the positive rating given enabling the grant of 8% of the investment deemed eligible, amounting to 16.9 million Euros.

    This notice points out the decisive support that, within the strategic framework of grown in which tourism plays a crucial role, the Region of Murcia and the Spanish government are giving to a project that will have a huge impact in the economic and job creation development in such region.
    Posted 25 November 2015.

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    Meeting with Mayor and Premursa

    A long-awaited meeting at last took place on Monday between Diego Conesa, the Mayor of Alhama de Murcia, and Jesús Samper, managing director of Premursa, the company in charge of promoting the proposed Paramount theme park in the municipality, with the chief topic of conversation being the state of play regarding the stalled project.

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    Still down from the UK.

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    From the Premursa site:

    October 29th, 2015

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