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    This what the developer said in November last Year.

    Premursa Theme Park S.A., promoter of the Paramount Park and LifeStyle Center project, has contracted the services of the Spanish company Seabird Capital, who specializes in the development of investment studies and research, in order to receive technical assistance to raise capital and financing for the project.
    The purpose of the association between Premursa Theme Park and the Madrid-based company is to obtain advisory and consulting services for the financing of the project, whose construction works are expected to begin in the first months of 2015.

    Wonder what the first months of 2015 mean?

  3. Anonymous Guest
    Has any work started on this park? I just moved into an apartment in Condado de Alhama.

  4. Anonymous Guest
    That's great news.

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    Thought I would find an email address and ask Premursa what was happening and got the following reply :-

    Dear Sir

    We appreciate your interest in Premursa.

    The project goes ahead but since it is a private project, we can't make public all the information we would like to.

    Thank you

    Maria Victoria Martinez
    Secretary Alhama HQ

    Murcia HQ
    Parque industrial de Alhama
    Av. Europa 1-20D Edifico CIDE, Bajo
    30840, Alhama de Murcia, Murcia - Spain

    If read between the lines it still look like it is still progressing, which is good news.

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    Comments about this ??? Who is THELMA & BOOM ???

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    Hi guys, something is moving...

    Use google translate (sorry) ;(

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    Oh my gosh. Aeromur refused to lie down quietly in the Covera airport saga.


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    Save your petrol. I live near to site and not seen any movement since they planted the time capsule.

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