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  1. Anonymous Guest
    Premursa have called an Extraordinary General Meeting On Tuesday 24th May. This will either be great news or confirmation it is dead. Most probably the end of the project.

  2. Anonymous Guest
    Emailed Premursa and asked how things are going. Their response: still unable to attract finance.

    So if you know of anyone with the odd 650 Million Euros I suggest they speak to Premursa.

    In reality it is dead they just need to say so.

  3. Anonymous Guest
    We really need this for our area. I think the big wigs of Spain and Alhama de Murcia need to actively promote the site, even if it is for a different type of theme park such as Legoland, etc.

  4. Anonymous Guest
    I feel the same as you how come in lovely weather they can't find any backers something just doesn't stack up.

  5. Anonymous Guest
    Sadly no it is unlikely to be built. The leader of the project has died, they have no real investors named on their web site and no news on their web site. They have also closed the office in the town next to the proposed site.

    The only hope is with huge increase in demand for Spanish holidays perhaps the investors will view it differently.

    I still find it strange that Paramount London can find investment with poor weather yet a location with all year round warm weather and 300 days of sunshine cannot.

  6. Anonymous Guest
    Is there any updates on this park? Is it likely to still be built?

  7. Anonymous Guest
    The difference between Europe (Spain) and the GCC (Dubai): Spain talks 5 years and gets nothing done, while Dubai doesn't talk at all and builds 5 theme parks in the same period. Jobs are where the action is. That's why Emirates has Spanish cabin crews and Iberia is almost broke. Different worlds.

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  9. Anonymous Guest
    Jesus was the instigator and driving force behind the project, but who knows there may be someone else in the team to pick it up and run with it - I hope so.

  10. Anonymous Guest
    What difference will this make ?

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