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    This link is to a press release from a local estate agent.
    The forum is supposed to report on progress in the building of the theme park.

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    Earlier this week Alberto Garre, President of the Region of Murcia said the arrival of the high-speed AVE train and opening of Corvera International Airport “in 2015, if possible, would become reality”.

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    Cannot wait for it to begin being built! Happy happy. It is positive it will bring jobs into the area as it is being built and when it is finished.

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    Change of plans, here they say it will open in 2017:

    It's in Spanish, use Google Translate.

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    That cant poss be true, regarding EU money paid only after completion. The EU money is being paid to stimulate the local economy, why would they need it when work is finished, it doesn't make sense.

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    Oh right and is this an expert lawyer in Spanish affairs that knows the inside out of parliament discussions. Please... this is great news and a huge positive for the region! Maybe you sold out in a panic without any vision to what's on the horizon?! Murcia will soon be a very attractive area to invest! Great news!!

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    Not so good news. The subsidy will only be paid when the park has been completed and building works signed off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous View Post
    Just been announced the developer has been awarded 17 Million Euros from the Spanish Government to get the project started.
    This is the direct source link:

    The European Commission approved on Wednesday the Spanish authorities to grant a public subsidy of 16.28 million euros to the company Premursa Theme Park to build the Paramount theme park and a four star hotel in the town of Alhama.

    The Commission concluded that the public aid meets the EU standards as it will encourage regional development in Murcia and possible distortions to competition " will be limited."

    In June 2014, Spain notified Brussels plans to support the construction of the theme park with 16.28 million in direct subsidies. The project will involve a total investment of 206.6 million euros and is expected to create 1,500 jobs during the construction phase and 1,200 direct jobs upon completion of the investment, according to data from the EU executive .

    Public aid granted in the framework of a which had already been approved by the Commission regime, but had to be reported separately to Brussels because it exceeds the threshold of 15 million euros.

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