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  1. Anonymous Guest
    A quote below of what Paramount Murcia has, it's not just a theme park!

    Paramount announced that the project would be divided into differently themed zones each with movie inspired themes, such as Star Trek, Titanic and Mission Impossible. There would also be a ‘Lifestyle Centre’ with 2 five-star hotels, 3 four-star status and a number of three-star hotels. The resort was also planned to benefit from themed shopping malls, restaurants, bars and clubs, a 3'000 seat conference centre – and an open-air auditorium to accommodate 15,000 people.

  2. Anonymous Guest
    Hmmmm could it be the hotels casino conference centre resort they are building in Murcia are lot cheaper as the resorts are not that different

  3. Anonymous Guest
    You seem to be missing a few points regarding the London/Kent project.

    What is being proposed for the Kent project is something far bigger than just a theme park. LRCH are proposing to build a Entrainment Resort!

    Once completed the resort would included; Cinemas, Theatres, Restaurants‎, Hotels, Exhibition Centres, Entertainment Streets, the biggest Waterpark in Europe, Monorails and of course a Theme park!

    All of which would be twice the size of the London Olympic park! Just look at the difference in price for each project;

    Paramount Park Spain - $500M
    Paramount Park London - $3.2B!

    Although the weather in the UK is not great, certainly the Southeast of England does enjoy some of the best weather and generally the highest temperatures of the year can be found in Kent.

  4. Anonymous Guest
    If you look at the number of hits on this site, Paramount Park Murcia has had 200,000 vs Paramount London 70,000. This says it all, people want to go to the park in their shorts and t-shirt eating an ice cream, not waterproof jackets, woolly jumpers and a flask of coffee to keep warm. So sunny Murcia is the place for Paramount, not wet Kent.

  5. Anonymous Guest
    If by chance we continue and could guarantee to have the same summers as we have had in the UK for the last two years, I would love to go to a Kent based park, however with what happens to the UK in the other nine months of the year, I personally would only book to go to Murcia.

    The UK has many visitors to London for the history alone, they don't come for the weather or to be outside enjoying themselves, fact!

    I am sorry I love the UK, but a theme park? Not for me.

  6. Anonymous Guest
    I agree, let's be positive. Wet Kent or sunny Murcia is a no brainer. I also think that the Corvera airport issue which will shortly be resolved, so this will also help the park as I believe that once this is open it will go someway to unlock the finance and get the project moving. If I was investing, the airport opening would be key to my decision.

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    Paramount Theme Park Murcia Spain

    Well let's try to ignore all the negative remarks from all the comments made by various people! I certainly hope this goes ahead, as it's my opinion it will generate employment that is certainly needed in this area and to all the downers remarks this is an ideal location, the weather is perfect for nearly 365 days a year and there are certainly enough people on this planet to visit and take holidays here! So let's be more positive instead of putting this theme park down all the time. Thank You!

  8. Anonymous Guest
    Sorry, am I missing something? Early 2015 is only 6 months away and a brick has not been laid yet?

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  10. Anonymous Guest
    Posted Sunday, 13 July 2014:

    The Paramount Pictures theme park project has moved forwards following the approval of the second phase of the 'special management plan' by the Ayuntamiento of Alhama de Murcia last week.

    The granting of this license permits Premusa - the promoters and developers of the facility - to move forward with the next phase of construction, expected to take place later this month.

    Premursa have been given 20 days to release full details of the construction work to be undertaken, and for members of the public to raise any objections to this phase of the project, which concerns 223,918 sq mts of the park, to be used for the Hotels and car parking, and is expected to cost 3,014,984 Euros.

    Last week saw news that Premursa had succeeded in obtaining funding from the Regional Incentives board of the EU to the sum of 17Mln Euros, which is expected to keep the facility on schedule for the planned opening in early 2015.

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