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Murcia, Spain
55 ha
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    Officially the last nail in the coffin.

    The Paramount theme park in Spain seem to have been set aside, after the ruling of the Murcia Supreme Court which declared the project illegal, according to local sources. In 2012 a law had modified the boundaries of the regional park of the Sierra de Carrascoy was cancelled. This means that about one-fifth of the land purchased by Paramount for 15 million euro in 2010 can only have an agricultural use.

  2. Anonymous Guest

  3. Anonymous Guest
    So 2 days after the announcement date (16th April see below) no news have been on the web - nothing!!

    So another date missed and the Premursa web site has gone and is available for purchase.

  4. Anonymous Guest
    Only 3 days to the announcement see post below.

    Will not be holding my breath, will be another missed deadline/announcement!!!!

  5. Anonymous Guest
    Just seen in local paper the courier that Corvera airport is now out to tender for staff. Things moving forward in that area!

  6. Anonymous Guest
    Yes please tell us more !!

  7. Anonymous Guest
    The person who posted the previous post about the lifestyle center can you give a bit more detail please. From what this looks like this is a much smaller project with Paramount Park element removed. Is the 16th April a guess or have you go some firm info.


  8. Anonymous Guest
    I don't believe there will be any more announcements. Another Wonderworld! Corby in Northamptonshire had a similar ambition nearly 20 years ago.

  9. Anonymous Guest
    Yes this project will definitely go ahead. Further announcement on 16 April revealing investors for the Lifestyle Center.

  10. Anonymous Guest
    So what is happening with the park is it going ahead or not?

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