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  1. Anonymous Guest
    The Premursa domain is up for sale the theme park is dead, buried and rotting away.

    Why don't they just say so!!

  2. CarlySX is offline themeparX Top Investigator
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    Dec 2015
    It's currently in the limbo/fail category so looks like construction stopped and, it looks like, will not continue.

  3. Anonymous Guest
    has this been built yet?

  4. richard494949 is offline New User
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    Oct 2016
    I watched Disney grow in Florida from the Magic Kingdom to the foundations of what we have today. It had a plan whilst this has not even got an operational website. A pie in the sky, I think

  5. Anonymous Guest
    It's been down for a good few weeks, if the company can't manage a web site I have little hope the can manage a multi million Euro project.

    If it's dead they should say so and not just let it drift.

  6. Anonymous Guest
    Premursa website down again!

  7. Anonymous Guest
    Are there any updates ?

  8. Anonymous Guest
    Port Aventura needs around 5 million visitors to break even, it has never even reached 4 since opening 1995. In fact the only reason it manages to survive is because the Italian owners slashed the number of park employees and cut operating cost at every possible instance. After over 20 years of operation the park has recouped less than 10% of the investments in benefits. Universal bugged out the moment they realized the park was a total failure.

    Parque Warner in Madrid needs over 3 million visitor just to break even, the park has never since open in 2002 reached even 2 million visitor. It has cost Spanish taxpayers well in excess of half a billion euros in public funding.

    Terra Mitica also need at least 3 million visitor to break even, it has never exeeded even 1,5 million visitors, this park has also cost Spanish taxpayers around half a billion euros in public funding.

    Isla Magica in Seville is also a total failure, it has never managed to break even since opening in 1997 despite massive operating cost cuts once they realized the park was never even going to attract even half of the projected visitor numbers.

    And the Paramout park in Murcia is the biggest joke of them all, Murcia is one of the poorest regions in Spain and has no where close the amount of tourist to cover the lack of local demand for such a park, it would be the biggest failure of them all, to the tune of hundreds of millions of taxpayers money.

  9. Anonymous Guest
    Pessimistic a bit much?

    All theme parks in Spain have failed, this one would be no exception. Port Aventura spent 20 years in the red, Warner Park in Madrid is a total failure and only remain open thanks to Madrid pumping in money. The one in Benidorm, we should not even mention, it is a miracle it is still operating
    Port Adventura seems to be doing quite well these days, bet Comcast wishes it had it in the Universal portfolio. Too bad it got sold off before their purchase. Parque Warner seems to be doing well now, moving into the top 20 parks in Europe in attendance and building an on site hotel. Maybe Spain as a tourist destination is finally developing more with the the help of the troubles elsewhere like Turkey and Egypt.

    Maybe it is possible for Paramount to finally be realized in Murcia.

  10. Anonymous Guest
    This seems like more nonsense as if they had the investment in place surely the local and national press would have picked up on it and the Premursa website is still down. If it was true surely they would have a PR machine to jump into action to drive interest in the project as this is a huge investment.

    Still doubt it will happen.

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