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    They are flying calibration flights into Corvera airport in preparation to open next Spring. Once this opening is announced it should unlock the Paramount project, fingers crossed.

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    The marker post shown is an underground pipeline taking Petrol/Distillate between Cartagena and the refinery at Puertollano.

    The name on the post is Repsol so nothing to do with the theme park.

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    Taken on 6th December.

    Markers have been placed in areas and an area for water has been constructed.

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    I think the comment is Ironic /wishful thinking as nothing is happening on site.

    Most of the focus is on the Corvera airport saga, which I believe is a precursor for any theme park announcements as it is so close. This assuming that they can raise the finance ( big assumption).

    However, things in Spain are on the up house prices have bottomed out and are on the way up, international finance is buying up property from Bankia( the toxic bank) and the economy is doing well ( second best in the Euro zone) so that may mean investors are more interested in the project.

    I still think it is a better idea then building one on the side of the muddy Thames, the weather is better to, today :-

    London 8C day and -1C tonight

    Murcia 20C day and 8 C tonight

    I know which one I would like to be on doing 60 MPH on a roller coaster!!

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    Where are the pictures?

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    Someone post a picture of the trucks rolling in to build the park...

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    Earlier this week Alberto Garre, President of the Region of Murcia said the arrival of the high-speed AVE train and opening of Corvera International Airport “in 2015, if possible, would become reality”.

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    Cannot wait for it to begin being built! Happy happy. It is positive it will bring jobs into the area as it is being built and when it is finished.

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