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    I've just seen on the Internet job application forms and contact details have been posted contacta

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    Thank you for your reply

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    Yes, the entrance where the flag poles are situated is about 3 miles up the RM2 (towards Alhama De Murcia) from Los Almagros. I think it is exit 8 and there was a large fruit and veg warehouse called Juanjor next to it.

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    Can anyone tell me if this park is near to los almagros ive tried to find a map but no luck.

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    yes, get lost negative nigel, boring us all now

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    Dear members and non-members,

    themeparX is about concrete and verifiable theme park project and construction updates.

    Posts discussing the weather of the UK and Spain, or whether a Paramount Park in Murcia would be personally preferable over a Paramount Park in London, and vice versa, render these threads useless for those looking for project status updates.

    Please understand that we will delete such posts in the future.

    Thank you,
    themeparX admin

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    Thank you Joseph, keep us all updated.

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    Thanks, very interesting info.

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