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    Just type in tumbit spain

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    Has anybody else seen Tumbit Spain Mon 18th July 2016 update to say that Juan Antonio Samper has told the Spanish press that he now has the investment to continue and complete Paramount Murcia? Is this true?

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    Yeah looks like it's down, perhaps permanently.

    The last update on anything to do with the website was the calling of the general meeting in May. If anyone can translate the agenda properly that would be appreciated. Google translate gave me the below which seems to indicate a change of business and ceasing the board of directors....

    Extraordinary General Meeting
    the shareholders are summoned to the Extraordinary General Meeting which will be held at the registered office of the Company on May 24, 2016, to 12:00 pm on first call, with the following:

    Order of the day

    First.- Cease and appointment of Directors.

    Second.- transfer of registered office of the Company.

    Third. - Amendment of article four of the bylaws concerning the new home society.

    Fourth - Amendment of article four of the bylaws concerning the faculty board to change the registered office, for adapt to the new wording of Article 285.2 of the Companies Act Capital.

    Five.- Change management system of the company. Amendment of various articles to adapt to the new system of administration of the company.

    Seventh.- Granting of powers to execute the resolutions adopted.

    Eight.- AOB.

    Nine.- Approval, if appropriate, the minutes of the Board. It is noted that from this call, shareholders who wish may examine at the registered office the full text of the amendments proposals and report on them, and obtain from the Company, so immediate and free delivery or sending the documents to be subject to the approval of the Board, in accordance with the law confers Article 287 of the Companies Act Capital.

    It is noted that this call is made, by publication in the corporate website of the Company,, having been agreed previously by the General Meeting and after having posted its highest in the Official Mercantile Register Gazette No. 95 Tuesday, May 22, 2012.
    Alhama de Murcia, April 20, 2016
    Link to Spanish version:

  5. Anonymous Guest
    Check the Premursa web site looks like some of it is no longer operational

  6. Anonymous Guest
    Are there any updates please?

  7. Anonymous Guest
    All theme parks in Spain have failed, this one would be no exception. Port Aventura spent 20 years in the red, Warner Park in Madrid is a total failure and only remain open thanks to Madrid pumping in money. The one in Benidorm, we should not even mention, it is a miracle it is still operating.

  8. Anonymous Guest
    I cannot understand why this project has not gone ahead its in the perfect area and with the perfect climate
    They only have to look at how succesful la zenia boulavard is for investers to realise the economic value to the area
    and what a great investment opportunaty this is

  9. Anonymous Guest
    Have just read that the local council for the site is proposing to rezone as agricultural land as Premursa has not made any progress.

  10. Anonymous Guest
    Have just checked the developers website and no announcement about the outcome of the EGM yesterday. So no news.

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