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  1. Anonymous Guest
    I contacted Premursa Secretaria directly and got the following reply:

    Dear Sir

    There are no news related to the project at the moment. We are waiting for obtaining the building permits. Please, visit the press room at premusa,s website in order to keep you informed. (Sic)

    So no news as I thought all the permits had been approved but perhaps not. Would like to hear - Funding all in place.

  2. Anonymous Guest
    Premursa Theme Park now has a YouTube channel:
    In addition to Premursa's YouTube channel, the text at the end of Paramount Park video now said "Coming Soon" instead of "Coming to Spain in 2015".

  3. Anonymous Guest
    I hope construction finally started and I hope it will open "2017".

  4. Anonymous Guest
    It's not dead yet. Premursa is still thinking about construction starting in Paramount Park.

  5. Anonymous Guest
    Meanwhile - London Paramount is bringing forward plans for a world-class Entertainment Resort on the Swanscombe Peninsula in North Kent.

    From tomorrow (28-04-2015), London Resort Company Holdings (LRCH), the developers of the scheme, has announced the final set of public exhibitions taking place before they submit their planning application in summer this year.

    As part of the exhibition a scaled model of the resort will be on show as well as the emerging masterplan.


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    It would be really wonderful if Premursa actually produced a press release, the last one was in November last year. It's all well and good issuing and CGI video but we need something concrete - like foundations.

    Their Communications Department want waking up or sacking.

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