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08 Oct 2012
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Kent, UK
353 ha
London Resort Company Holdings
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    "Kuwaiti-owned firm to raise $3.6bn for Paramount UK theme park"

    Scheduled to open in 2020, the London Paramount Entertainment Resort is scheduled to begin construction in autumn 2016 and will comprise an ‘Adventure Isle’, a ‘Myths and Legend Castle’ and a ‘fantasy port’, according to plans released by LRCH.

  2. Interesting, the way this had been presented was funding was in place and now we see it is not. The funding is difficult as Paramount Park Spain discovered; they have everything in place to start construction but do not have the finance - so no contractors on site.

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    "Kuwaiti-backed London theme park signs up bankers to raise $3.2bn funding"

    Kuwaiti-owned London Resort Company Holdings (LRCH) has signed an exclusive agreement with a London-based private banking firm to raise the $3.6 billion in funding needed to build a Paramount-branded theme park in Kent, in Southern England, which is due to open in 2020.

    Kleinwort Benson Bank has been appointed as the sole financial adviser to LRCH and will now oversee debt and equity fundraising to finance the ambitious project, according to local reports in the UK.

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    More "what's in store" for Paramount Park Kent:

    The Entertainment Resort will contain a number of themed zones, with exciting rides and attractions for families, children and the more adventurous thrill-seeking visitor.

    At the heart of the Entertainment Resort will be the Entertainment City, providing a wide range of indoor, covered and open-air experiences as well as a variety of cafes, bars and restaurants.

    The Entertainment City will be able to host a number of exciting events each year such as shows and music events.

    Late afternoon every day the 'Paramount and Friends Carnival' is planned to take place. We are planning to follow this every evening with a spectacular show celebrating the works of Paramount Pictures and our other content partners.

    Also in the evening, there will be a chance to enjoy a West End quality production at one of our theatres, indoor or outdoor venues. These venues could potentially showcase Paramount films, BBC and Aardman productions and provide a stage for live comedy acts and concerts.

    The heart of the Entertainment Resort will open to the public in Easter 2020, with additional rides and attractions scheduled to be unveiled soon after in the following years.
    Read more:

  5. For anyone interested - I managed to attend the Bluewater Exhibition briefly today and was able to take a few shots of the scale model. It was rather busy so apologies for the poor quality photos.

  6. Interesting new artwork in the exhibition document linked below:

  7. Stage four of the public consultation events will be taking place from today. For anyone unable to attend please see the below link to download the Exhibition Displays;

  8. New concept art and a little more info on attractions released:

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    "Scale model of London Paramount entertainment resort to go on show in final public exhibitions before planning application"

    A scaled model of the resort will be on show at the public consultations as well as the emerging masterplan tackling issues like transport, the environment and wider regeneration.
    Check out the source for dates of consultation if you want to get involved.

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