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Local Name:
Construction Start:
Danzhou, China
40 ha
Evergrande Group
Evergrande Tourism
Feasibility Study / Consultants:
Australian Aquatica, IdeAttack, Romero Van Rell Jeng & Associates, Water Technology Inc.
IdeAttack, Water Technology Inc.
Ride Suppliers:
Other Suppliers:
Emotion Media Factory, TJP Engineering
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    Construction for Ocean Flower Island halted because of ecological reasons:
    Mobu Finance was informed that recently Zhuozhou City, Hainan Province, issued an urgent circular on the illegal reclamation project requirements from January 5 from the implementation of "double suspension" (suspension of construction, suspension of business), that is, projects under construction to suspend construction, involving Real estate sales promotion all suspended. This means that once Pizhou has implemented the double suspension policy, Haihua Island will enter a shutdown state.
    Not long ago, the Central Environmental Inspectorate ruthlessly criticized Hainan for "bulging the wallet and ruining the ecology," and named it a criticism of Danzhou Haihua Island, Sanya Phoenix Island, Wanning Rings, Bends and other projects that damaged ecological violations. Phoenix Island, Sun Moon Bay and other projects have therefore suspended work to rectify.
    According to media reports, in December last year, the Central Environmental Protection Inspector Group severely criticized the local real estate industry for damaging the local ecology while giving feedback to inspectors in Hainan Province.


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  4. With 600 international design masters and an investment of RMB 160 billion, Evergrande Group created the great century work reconstructing the global tourism layout - Ocean Flower Island, Hainan, China.

    It is a top cultural tourism attraction integrating the largest conference center in the world, 58 modern hotels, 7-star-level Peninsula Hotel, castle hotel in European style, the globally initiative world fairy land, wonderful marine world with 127,000㎡, water park with 23 recreation projects, large shopping mall, 6 stylish commercial streets, 8 themed food streets, tea and bar street, 28 characteristic museums, sprig cities in 5-country-style,large opera theater, music hall, film art center, Hua Xia extra-large film &TV base, large water live-action performance, 7 folklore performance squares, KTV world, ultra-large central park, rare and distinctive arboretum, European wedding manor, 40km golden coast and the natural island Dachan Reef.

    It stands proud in the world, attracting the attention of the whole world and creating the everlasting sea feast.
    Megalomania made in China & inspired by Dubai.

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    Ocean Flower Island

    Status: Under Construction

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