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Jinan, China
82 ha
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    An interesting blog article by Asia Attractions:
    October 23, Jinan City Monkey King theme park has been the project, to be built to traditional Chinese culture and modern tourism combined theme park, plans to be completed in 2020.

    Monkey King theme park project planning and construction land area of ​​366,273 square meters, divided into five main theme area, the main tour of the West culture and leisure. The total investment of the project is about 4.3 billion yuan, of which 73.5 million yuan for environmental protection funds, plans to be completed in June 2020, the project is expected to receive 4 million tourists during the operation.

    It is reported that the Monkey King theme park will be the international Disney team to China's western culture as the background design to create, integration of Disney, Carnival elements, will be built after the "Journey to the West" as the theme of the world-class theme park. Five theme areas are Xixi small town, Huaguoshan, Longwangwan, Jiugong Temple and adventure Valley. Among them, Huaguo Shan is the theme of the park's central area, is also a landmark landscape area, construction area of ​​16,585 square meters. The main projects include: Huaguo Mountain, tree top training camp, monkey king fighting room, harvesting roller coaster, etc., which Huaguo Shan rockery height of 51 meters, the highest planning for the park building.


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    It seems that construction will actually begin in August 2017 with an opening set for China's National Day in 2020 which is the first week of October


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    Exciting news!

    After doing some research, it appears that Monkey Kingdom, which originally was planned to open in 2014 in Huairou, Beijing, China, is actually now going to open in 2020 in Jinan, Shandong, China with a similar design and same name!

    Here are some concept images:

    Translation of theme park description:

    Monkey King theme park is divided into five areas: West Township, Huaguo Shan, Longwang Bay, Adventure Island, Jiugong Temple. The whole theme park in the form of a series of villas, according to Journey to the West through the different locations of the scene, each Villa has its own unique characteristics of the characteristics, interpretation and praise of China's classical story. Each scene is to stimulate a different kind of emotions and atmosphere; each of the attractions in the Villa are eclectic, each with style. The concept of subjectivity and the planning of the entire park will attract tourists to explore the world constantly.

    Here's the location:

    Construction is set to begin in April 2017.

    Zhonghong Holding Co., Ltd. is behind both the original Monkey Kingdom park planned for Huairou and now the current Monkey Kingdom park development in Jinan.

    Sources: and and and and and and

  4. Proof and pictures, please.

  5. Please relocate this thread back to "under construction", on 13th January 2016 the official representative of Tianqiao district as announced that the construction work of this theme park will be fully commenced by 2016, and this project is expected to meet it completion by end of 2017 to start of 2018.

  6. Is this project 100% dead?

  7. This park is on hold, or dead, depending on who you ask

  8. Is this under construction? Will it open in 2014?

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