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  1. Anonymous Guest
    Latest photo update from Atlantis Aquaventure Dubai expansion:

    Here's what's supposed to be the world's largest water slide. Not sure what is meant by 'largest'... longest, highest, widest?

  2. rv
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    Kung Fu Panda at Universal Studios Singapore

    Preparations for a Kung Fu Panda family ride next to Waterworld at Universal Studios Singapore:

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    Photos of renovations of the Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane Bay park:

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    Atlantis Dubai update

    Latest construction pictures from Atlantis Aquaventure, showing the new tower and family thrill slides in the making. Due to open in autumn:

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    A revamp of a park in Kentucky. Kentucky Kingdom (formly Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom) closed it's doors in 2009 after a deal could not be reached to renew the park's lease. Ever since November, 2 2009 Kentucky Kingdom has been standing but not operating. Former park owner Ed Heart has since stepped in the give new life. Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane Bay will reopen in May 2014 at a cost of $43.5 million.

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  7. atl
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    News from Aquaventure water park, Atlantis:

    Sounds spectacular. And hey, this is Kerzner!

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    Dubai, United Arab Emirates – (4 June 2013) – Atlantis, The Palm is set to revolutionise the waterpark landscape with the new expansion of Aquaventure Waterpark. The development will feature a soaring 40 metre tower – The Tower of Poseidon - packed with heart pumping rides will be unveiled in August 2013.

    “Kerzner International has always been focused on innovation to create new and unique guest entertainment experiences. This upcoming expansion will be more exhilarating than anything we have unveiled before, with unbelievable new rides the likes of which have not been seen anywhere in the world,” commented Alan Leibman, CEO, Kerzner International.

    This innovative development will feature a number of world firsts, including the world’s largest diameter slide, the world’s first vertical banking family ride with a double hump at the end, and first double slide within a slide experience, allowing tube riders in one ride to watch the other ride sliders dramatically in action, suspended above them.

    Cutting-edge technology will test adventure seekers to their limits, whilst those looking for shared thrills will be able to enjoy friendly competition with friends and family. The development includes two family rides which will make it possible for groups of up to six people to share the adrenalin of the ride together, as well as two rides which allow racing and competition between dare-devil friends; both the first of their kind in the Middle East.

    Aquaventure will also soon be home to the longest zipline circuit in The Middle East - the world’s first known zipline circuit to be integrated into a waterpark tower.
    Source: Press Release

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    Al Montazah location

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    Concering Al Montazah amusement and water park in Sharjah, the second post below.

    “We are co-investing in the Al Mountazah project through a joint venture with an established UAE company. The park is expected to officially open by mid-June,” said Marwan bin Jassim Al Sarkal, Chief Executive Officer, Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq).

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    Atlantis Dubai update

    Atlantis Aquaventure water park appears to be expanding

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