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  1. kishwppics is offline Newbie
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    Mar 2014
    Water park currently under construction on Kish Island in southern Iran, close to Dubai. Pictures taken on March 5:

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  2. Anonymous Guest
    Polynesian-themed water park under construction in Busan, South Korea. Built by Lotte Group. Due to open in April 2014:

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  3. hadrian3911 is offline Park Investigator
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    Oct 2013
    Iron Man Experience in Hong Kong Disneyland opening in late 2016.

  4. amusementparks is offline Senior Park Investigator
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    Apr 2013
    Update on the new Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane Bay in Luoisville, Kentucky United States

  5. Anonymous Guest
    In pictures: Tower of Poseidon opens at Dubai’s Aquaventure


  6. Anonymous Guest
    Latest photo update from Atlantis Aquaventure Dubai expansion:

    Here's what's supposed to be the world's largest water slide. Not sure what is meant by 'largest'... longest, highest, widest?

  7. rv
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    Aug 2013

    Kung Fu Panda at Universal Studios Singapore

    Preparations for a Kung Fu Panda family ride next to Waterworld at Universal Studios Singapore:

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  8. amusementparks is offline Senior Park Investigator
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    Apr 2013
    Photos of renovations of the Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane Bay park:

  9. updater is offline Newbie
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    Jul 2013

    Atlantis Dubai update

    Latest construction pictures from Atlantis Aquaventure, showing the new tower and family thrill slides in the making. Due to open in autumn:

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  10. amusementparks is offline Senior Park Investigator
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    Apr 2013
    A revamp of a park in Kentucky. Kentucky Kingdom (formly Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom) closed it's doors in 2009 after a deal could not be reached to renew the park's lease. Ever since November, 2 2009 Kentucky Kingdom has been standing but not operating. Former park owner Ed Heart has since stepped in the give new life. Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane Bay will reopen in May 2014 at a cost of $43.5 million.

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