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مرسى العرب
14 May 2017
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Dubai, UAE
23 ha
Dubai Holding
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  1. I have been there the past two weeks. Yes, there are starting.... the little harbour and part of the JBH are will be demolished... Plans are either another Hotel or an apartment building... not certain yet...

  2. Al Marsa isn’t new though as it was built before they did the refurb.

    Interesting though is Cove Beach next door is being demolished now. Guess it’s starting....

  3. So the one fact that I found out is that one restaurant in the renewed Jumeirah Beach Hotel is called Al Marsa :-)

  4. Maybe they don´t reveal anything yet as it is still a bit ahead... who knows... lets wait and see...

  5. I spoke to Jumeirah Beach hotel today as we are planning to stay their Easter 2019.
    They said there were no works planned !!!
    All a bit confusing.

  6. How far away will it be from the Burj al Arab and JBH?

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    The project is not canceled they’re just going to relocate the project a little bit further from the previous location, it will stay in the same area somewhere close to the Burj Al Arab.

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    So what will be with Wild Wadi? Will the old one stay? What about some residential possibilities that were planned?

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    It seems that Marsa Al Arab has essentially been cancelled. Based on a new scale model that was unveiled today and concept art, the peninsula that was going to be home to the new Wild Wadi Waterpark, Marine Life Park, Pearl Museum, and Cirque Du Soleil show has now been replaced with a hotel that sticks out into the water and a new, larger marina. The peninsula that would have been built on the other side of Burj Al Arab that was going to have private homes is nonexistent.

    Sources: and and

  10. Staying again at JBH in May 2019 and had a mail today to say the marina will full close in October 2018 and works on the new islands will start at the same time onwards.

    Looks like its moving forward.

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