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14 May 2017
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Dubai, UAE
23 ha
Dubai Holding
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  1. Staying again at JBH in May 2019 and had a mail today to say the marina will full close in October 2018 and works on the new islands will start at the same time onwards.

    Looks like its moving forward.

  2. I hope they tweak the designs. The residential island is nice, but the waterpark one, along with the new square buidlings right next to Burj Al Arab are out of place and kitsch in an overall very nice existing area.

  3. I recently stayed in Dubai and visited Madinat Jumeirah.
    I heard from some managers there that the whole project Marsa Al Arab is on hold for years to come
    and it will not be ready at all for 2020!!
    I think that they need at least 1-2 years to build the islands alone without any buildings on it!!
    It is with all major projects in Dubai, they anounce it, and then nothing happens for a while - it will come but not in 2020, I would say sometime after 2022.

  4. Anyone got any more recent photos of the development progress?

    Looking at the plans, the proposed development on the current Wild Wadi site looks out of place and too big if you ask me. It will overshadow the pool area at JBH and potentially obstruct views from the JBH rooms nearest WW.

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    Earlier this week, 360°, a restaurant and lounge located at the tip of Jumeirah Beach Hotel Marina’s jetty, permanently closed. Eventually Jumeirah Beach Hotel Marina will permanently close in its entirety for the construction of Marsa Al Arab. Marsa Al Arab will have a marina as well but in a different location.


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    The video won't embed but this is the first time I have seen a model of how the site will eventually look.


  7. Youtube credit: theparklifekid

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    Still seems like no progress except I see what looks to be something under construction on the field between Wild Wadi Waterpark and the beach

    Sources: and and

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    Jumeirah Beach Hotel is to be fully refurbished in 2018 as part of an exciting project to bring a new, modern and fresh look to this much loved Dubai landmark. The refurbishment will extend to all guest bedrooms, the public spaces, lobby, retail areas, beach and outdoor facilities as well as restaurants and dining outlets. Following on from the initial renovation work completed in 2017, interior works are scheduled to finish by October 2018.

    The hotel will stop receiving guests from May 2018 to enable a comprehensive, fast and dynamic transformation with the reopening scheduled for October 2018 in time to celebrate the hotel’s 21st birthday.
    Guests and visitors can still enjoy Wild Wadi Waterpark™ which will operate as normal for external guests and on an unlimited and complimentary basis for all guests staying at Burj AI Arab Jumeirah, Madinat Jumeirah, Jumeirah Zabeel Saray, Jumeirah Emirates Towers and Jumeirah Creekside Hotel.

    Other facilities will also remain open and unaffected will include Talise gym and café, certain parts of the beach, Kids Club for Talise members and La Veranda restaurant for lunch.
    The hotel will have a contemporary new look that will be similar to some of our new hotels within the group portfolio.

    There is a strong focus on light, with white, gold and blue accents throughout. The design also embraces Jumeirah Beach Hotel's unique location with beautiful views of Burj Al Arab Jumeirah and the Arabian Gulf.
    Sources: and

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    I'm not seeing any changes yet


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