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31 ha
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    The park is almost complete with just a couple of projects to finalise. These include landscaping the park, testing and progressive handing over of rides and attractions.

    Employee training is also in full force and to date the park has hired 560 staff members. When completed, the overall talent force is expected to reach 1,000 people including the Water Park next year.

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    Shuttle bus from Singapore!

    LEGOLAND® Malaysia will soon be accessible via a new direct coach service from the heart of Singapore. Alongside, a shuttle service will operate from Jurong East and Boon Lay to the Tuas 2nd Link. After the immigration checkpoint, a direct shuttle will ferry visitors to LEGOLAND and Johor Premium Outlets (JPO). Both operators will commence services on the Park’s grand opening date, 15th September 2012.

    Dedicated coaches will leave from the Singapore Flyer every 30 minutes during peak times, and arrive at LEGOLAND® in less than an hour. The service will be operated by WTS Travel ( and the new direct route is priced at SG$20 per person. The first coach will leave at 08.30am each morning, with five services in each direction on weekdays and increased frequency of up to eight on weekends, school holidays and public holidays.

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    Legoland Malaysia general manager Sigfried Boerst, who welcomed the entourage, said the RM700-million theme park located in Iskandar Malaysia economic region is almost 90 percent completed and scheduled to be opened Sept 15. (...)
    "Legoland Malaysia is similar to that in Germany, as the technology used is the same as that utilised in Legoland Florida. Hence, Legoland Malaysia is among the best Lego theme parks ever built," he said.

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    From the FB page of Legoland Malaysia:

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    Legoland Malaysia, which is slated to open on Sept 15, expects to generate more than RM100 million in revenue in its first year of operations, said its general manager Siegfried Boerst.

    "This would come from all the attractions in the park, restaurants as well as retail outlets," he told SunBiz recently.

    "We should see operational profit from the first year, but to recover our (full) investments will depend on the long-term development of the park, which usually takes about 15 to 20 years," he said.

    Thus, Boerst said it would be a challenge for Legoland Malaysia to recover its capital investments in less than 15 years due to its high set-up costs and as it wants to keep its entry passes affordable.

    Despite this, he said Legoland Malaysia will continue to invest every year in its theme park so that visitors will return and to offer them a "larger experience" in terms of attractions in the future.

    Over one million people are projected to visit the 30.76ha outdoor theme park in Nusajaya, Johor, annually over the first four years of its opening. Legoland Malaysia is the first Legoland in Asia and sixth in the world. It features seven themed areas with more than 40 interactive rides, shows and attractions.

    There will also be a Legoland Malaysia Water Theme Park and Legoland Hotel that are expected to open in the second half of 2013 and in 2014, respectively. The cost of the theme park and waterpark is RM720 million, while that of the hotel is RM190 million.

    Boerst said in the initial years, one-third of the theme park's visitors are expected to come from Johor and Singapore; one-third from Kuala Lumpur, Penang and other states and the rest to comprise international tourists.

    "With the (opening of the) hotel and the water theme park, we hope to grow the international market as we want to make Iskandar Malaysia and the southern Malaysia region into an international tourist destination," he said, adding that there are not many international first-class theme parks in Asia yet compared with Europe and the US, which signifies huge potential for operating theme parks here.

  6. Anonymous Guest
    Opening in 42 days!

    And another report here:

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    List and description of the Legoland Malaysia's various lands:

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    When Malaysia's latest family attraction opens on Sept 15, the family attraction will be the sixth of its kind in the world after those in Denmark, Britain, California, Florida and Germany.

    The 76-acre (31-hectare) park, which will offer 40 rides is one of the main attractions of Iskandar Malaysia - a dedicated economic development zone bordering Singapore.

    Visitors can look forward to seeing the Singapore Flyer, the Merlion, Maybank Building and the Fullerton Hotel - in their miniature Lego brick versions.

    "For the past few weeks we have been in the process of putting the final touches to the park by testing the rides, fitting the 15,000 Lego models built out of 50 million Lego bricks, and finalising the theming across the park," Mr Siegfried said.

    He also said that three quarters of rides have also been tested and approved.

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