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    A November 2016 interview with the project CEO mentions theme parks:

    This will boost another goal of Vision 2030, which is tourism development, he said.
    “We are building golf courses, theme parks, zoos, safaris,” KAEC CEO Fahd Al-Rasheed said, calling tourism “the most strategic sector” for the KAEC.

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    The last pictures in post #5 is not King Abdullah Economic City KAEC in Jeddah, it's King Abdullah Financial District in Riyadh. Completely different project.

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    King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC) has already achieved early fame through the great movie
    'Hologram for a King' starring Tom Hanks (shot in Morocco):

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    The dream:

    The reality today:

    Sources: DailyMail, Business Insider, Arabian Industry

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    The plan to build this multi-million dollar new city is still on track.

    In 2016 KAEC signed contracts with developers and service providers covering the full range of the city’s operations.
    “KAEC is continuing to grow and our development plan remains firmly on track,” said Fahd Al-Rasheed, group CEO and managing director of KAEC. “Our status as a privately-funded development has been an important factor in our performance and our strong cash position has allowed us to continue to invest steadily across our activities toward achieving KAEC sustainable development”.

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    King Abdullah Economic City

    Status: under construction

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