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Construction Start:
31 Aug 2016
14 ha
Feasibility Study / Consultants:
Other Suppliers:
  1. Anonymous Guest
    I saw that on google earth but when I inquired closer I noticed the copyright date for the image is 2014🤔 Just saying if your using google images it's 2 years old

  2. Anonymous Guest
    The lacking IMG Worlds of Adventure access road and parking lot -- it's hilarious:

  3. Anonymous Guest
    7 more days to go.

  4. Anonymous Guest
    They are currently working on widening the existing access from the E311 to Falcon City of Wonders as well as IMG.
    Google coordinates for access from E311 are 25.095940, 55.330345 and then drive south and west.

  5. Anonymous Guest
    Any road & parking lot construction pictures?

  6. Anonymous Guest
    Good news, I questioned them saying if the road will be there and they said they are just finalizing the road to IMG. I'm guessing they're waiting for August 15th or a day before that to open the road. Do you agree?

  7. travellerczech is offline Senior Park Investigator
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    Aug 2016
    that's a good point. I was trying to find the road to IMG yesterday, wasted one hour and nothing. They better do something about it. It's not on google maps, Wuze or any gps. All the roads are half finished and haven't seen even one worker.
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  8. Anonymous Guest
    Does anyone know where the road or if it's open to img?

  9. Anonymous Guest
    Any last updates? Officially they said all rides, stores and resturants will be open. The only thing that's not finished yet is the Novo Movie Theater. The hours for the first few months will be 12pm to 8pm.

  10. Anonymous Guest

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