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آي إم جي عالم من المغامرا
26 Jun 2012
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Feb 2013
31 Aug 2016
14 ha
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    Here are the latest photos:

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    Jul 2014
    Any news? Any photos? Can you provide or take some updated photo and put it on this site, photos of IMG Worlds of Adventure or Metro and I&M towers?

  3. Believe me this park is gonna take another 2 years to complete.

  4. We have waited enough and the construction is damn slow like a snail...

  5. All I will say that we should wait before commenting on anything.

  6. That ugly dinosaur tells its own tale. It'll be a cheap, cheap theme park.

  7. Maybe the rides are all western that's fine! ...but what about the construction and building? ...why Chinese? ...why can't these people do something of good quality for the building?

  8. The problem is communication. Look at whar Meraas does with Dubai Parks. Regular updates, press releases, renderings... up to 2 years in advance. There is a real buzz and credibility around their project.

    Now compare this with IMG's communication, regular delays despite announcements that the park is due to open, no activity on Twitter and Facebook, no recent press release, no construction updates, no details on park content, and outdated website still "under construction" while the park was lately due to be open this december. No credibility at all, such a shame

  9. It will not take years , if you go to the site you will see the construction is still going and who ever say that it's an entertainment facility then you are wrong.

    Where the world have you all heard of 1.3 million square feet entertainment family center? It will be the largest indoor theme park. the entire park is TUV certified so again all materials and rides are made from USA , Europe. it contains also Marvel which is owned by Disney. for sure it will not be something silly or normal.

    Thank you all and do not spread hate over the net with invalid information.

  10. I would rather wait and anticipate a better project from the other theme parks coming up in UAE.The construction of IMG adventure is one BIG adventure which will take ages to complete!

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