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HotGo DreamWorld
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  1. With HotGo DreamWorld's owner and developer intent on replicating Disneyland, the theme park's designers, Legacy Entertainment, had to find ways to satisfy this mandate while also creating something new and original. Settling on a unifying theme of stories, this led to the design of lands based on different genres including ADVENTURE TALES. Organized around a central lagoon and lush tropical mountain, this land would have featured several pavilions showcasing stories of adventure from all around the globe, with signature attractions including a Pirate Stunt Show, a super-sized pirate ship Splash Battle, and an off-road dinosaur safari.

  2. COMIC TALES is Hotgo DreamWorld's primary family zone, hosting the largest concentration of attractions targeted at young children. In addition to these family attractions, this land was to be headlined by a Maurer Spinning Coaster with multiple 'trick track' features, similar to Winjas at Phantasialand.

  3. HotGo DreamWorld's Chinese developer was intent on replicating Disneyland, leaving the theme park's designers in the challenging position of re-imagining the 'castle park' in a way that could still be original and unique. The solution was to create a park based on genres of stories, organizing the park into Comic Tales, Adventure Tales, Fairy Tales, and Fantastic Tales. Iconic gateways were organized around a central hub, with a Disney-style castle designed by former-Imagineer John Horny at its center.

  4. Legacy Entertainment's theme park design of HotGo DreamWorld was unique in that Ticketing would have taken place indoors on the 3rd floor of the hotel. After passing through the turnstiles, arriving guests would have been treated to a vista of the park from a balcony before descending to the Golden Promenade main street via a pair of ramps. Later, guests would exit the park through a retail venue on the ground level of the hotel.

    The Golden Promenade was an elegant new take on the classic main street experience. In addition to dining and retail venues, it also would have been home to a large live theater along with a mega E-Ticket Hanging Dark Ride themed to Around the World in 80 Days. The massive show box for this attraction can clearly be seen in the photos of the stagnant construction site.

  5. One of the most peculiar pieces of theme park lore in recent history is China's HotGo DreamWorld- the partially-built mega park in the northeastern city of Fushun, especially notable for its SBNO B&M Hyper Coaster and Wing Coaster. Legacy Entertainment designed the park from 2008 - 2010, and it's been construction ever since, with the main park slowly plodding along while 3 smaller parks (an outdoor rides park, and indoor family entertainment center, and a water park) having opened in the interim.

    Obsessed with Disney, the owner / developer continually steered the design of the park to resemble that of a Disney park, including the presence of multiple iconic castles. One such castle serves as both a resort hotel, as well as the park's entrance, operating in a manner similar to the Disneyland Hotel in Paris. In 2014, it was announced that Thailand's Dusit Thani would be the hotel's operator.

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    New on the ground photos showing nothing happening at the park just like the usual unfortunately:


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    Still just sitting there nothing going on unfortunately

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  9. They seem to have improved and updated their website.
    More photos are available and there is more information about each park, one of the hotels, and it also states that Dreamworld will open in 2017.

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    Their location is pretty obvious from the website I think but its hard to get a grip of it you don't speak the language.
    Go here on the website and choose the 'by car' option and you should be able to see the location properly.

    Here's an odd thing to say but if you put "Laohou Pork Dishes, china" into Google maps you should find the location on there.

    As for park content I am not convinced most of it is opened and the information seems to suggest that.

    I found one review of the waterpark on Trip Advisor but nothing much else. I think they are opening in stages but, honestly, if anyone can make sense of this website then they are a genius! The website is awful and there is very little to suggest it's open at all.

    If you scope it out on Google Earth (last image from end of 2015) there are some rides and stuff visible in smaller areas dotted around what looks like the "main park" and Hotel but it looks very bare where you would expect the park to actually be.

    If you're planning to visit I would hold off and keep checking that FAQ page.

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