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Epcot expansion
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EPCOT Expansion
15 Jul 2017
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Aug 2017
121 ha
  1. Mission:Space is relaunching!

    Announced over the weekend at the D23 Expo, in just a few weeks, guests will be able to enjoy new adventures at Mission: SPACE – an updated Orange Mission and a brand-new Green Mission.

    The updated Orange Mission will make an even more visually stunning trip to Mars thanks to a new film animated by the folks over at ILM, while the all-new Green adventure will allow guests to blast off for a completely different orbital adventure around planet Earth.

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    While an exact date is not given, Disney did promise that the new Ratatouille attraction would be open in time for the 50th Anniversary of Walt Disney World in 2021.
    France Ratatouille Overlay:


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    D23 Announcements

    Also a new China Pavilion 360 Degree Film coming too

    Stated at D23 that the above (Guardians and Rat Attraction) likely to be completed by 50th Anniversary of WDW (2012). The announcement at D23 also stated that there was more to come soon, but not announced that day (likely referring to the heavily rumoured Brazil Pavilion, a possible UK Pavilion attraction, redesign of Imagination and Land Pavilion and Entrance Plaza).

    All photos copyrighted to Disney Parks and Resorts:

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    Epcot expansion

    Status: announced

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