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    So what's the future for this project?

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    Thanks to The Theme Park Guy for the Dubailand movie.

  3. Anonymous Guest
    Now The Tiger Woods Dubai has been renamed as "The Trump World Golf Club, Dubai"

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    Good news. But I believe the theme parks won't be revived apart from IMG Worlds of Adventure? That half-built Universal Studios park in the desert is such an embarrassment, why not continue on that?

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    Dubailand's first theme park under construction right now (IMG Worlds of Adventure):

    Universal Studios Dubailand site office demolition:

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    Park signboards now removed from the walls of the Dubailand sales center:

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    Looks like no more theme parks.

    Gulf Finance House has returned to Dubailand five years after its first ill-fated foray into theme park development there ended with huge losses.

    The investment bank announced a Dh5.5 billion Arabian Legends entertainment complex at Cityscape in 2004 that was scheduled to be completed last year. Due to the global financial crisis, however, it was forced to withdraw from the project, taking a US$300 million provision against its exposure in 2009.

    Now the Bahrain-based investor is back after signing a land sale agreement with Dubai Properties Group.

    The 1.2 million square foot development will comprise residential, commercial and retail spaces (...)

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    -- Dubailand’s future

    Asked how Dubailand, a multi-billion-dollar entertainment and leisure district with theme parks being the priority, was positioning itself now, Al Habbai said: The vision still hasn’t changed… Dubailand will be one of the top destination in Dubai. We will butterfly garden, IMG theme park, lost valley by end of December.”

    He added that most of the project either by DPG and other private investors were on track and expected to be completed before 2020.

    Dubai Holding, Al Habbai revealed, was in discussion with Universal Studio to host a theme park in Dubailand.

    “Dubai Holding is in discussion with Universal,” he said, without giving any details.

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    A senior executive at Saudi’s Al Hokair Group says its long-awaited Al Sahara Kingdom hotel and entertainment project in Dubailand should open in “a couple of years”.
    On Wednesday Al Hokair vice-president marketing and business development Mishal Abdul Mohsen Al Hokair suggested the opening was more likely to be in 2016 and that construction was taking place on site.

    “It’s in the plan to open,” he told Arabian Business on the sidelines of the company’s Sparky’s indoor entertainment centre opening in Al Ghurair Centre.

    “It was planned to open but however the crisis which hit all the market just delayed and postponed the launching date of it. However, it will come very soon to the market.”

    Asked if it had an exact opening he said: “Actually we don’t have exact date, however I can say a couple of years”.

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