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  1. Anonymous Guest
    Dubai Parks & Resorts put up this video this week all about the construction on RiverLand

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    Riverland and Lapita

  3. Anonymous Guest

    The French village connecting the three Dubai Parks.
    Source: LinkedIn

  4. Anonymous Guest
    Some photos from onsite at Motiongate


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    A few photos of the site taken in the last few days.

    Assuming these ones are the Riverland complex


  6. Anonymous Guest
    Six Flags said it plans to build the world's biggest roller coaster in Dubai.

    US-based Six Flags has reportedly pledged to build the world’s biggest roller coaster ride in Dubai.
    According to the Wall Street Journal, the tallest roller coaster in the world is in New Jersey and operated by Six Flags while the world’s fastest roller coaster is in Abu Dhabi at Ferrari World.
    “There will be rides that are bigger, better, faster, broader than any rides in the world,” John Odum, senior vice president of international park operations at Six Flags was quoted as saying.
    Both Abu Dhabi and Dubai are encouraging the development of theme parks to help boost foreign tourist arrivals as oil prices slump, causing an economic slowdown in the region.

  7. Anonymous Guest
    Source? As far as I know from the main contractor the civil work on Legoland is on schedule and ready to finish before soft opening date.

  8. Anonymous Guest
    The Hunger Games attractions won't be ready until few months after the opening of Motiongate park. The Lego Waterpark probably opens later also.

  9. CarlySX is offline themeparX Top Investigator
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    It says "all three parks" which includes the Bollywood park. I have no doubt all 3 parks will open on October 31st.

  10. Anonymous Guest
    No mention about Bollywood, wonder if that is close.
    I suppose it depends on how much is "ongoing." If you have major attractions out or even a land not yet open, that's not good visual for opening.

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