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Остров мечты
15 Feb 2013
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33 ha
Regions Group
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  1. I am surprised it's going ahead. But why not, by the time it opens Russia's economic troubles will be a matter of the past.

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    So, we went to the proposed DreamWorks Moscow site last weekend and here is a short summary of our investigation:

    Along Andropov Avenue and all the way around the future theme park there is a colorful fence. The information presented at the entrance to the construction site holds that the construction is to end up in the forth quarter of 2017. We made some photos behind the fence – nothing but piles of sand. Some work is happening at the main entrance, though. We couldn’t take pictures inside, but the security guard told us that they are doing the foundation pit. We also made some photos from the parking area of the shopping mall Metropolis which is situated just in front of the construction site (though our zoom of our camera wasn't really good). We also noticed some cement trucks, so surely something is happening.

    Yana & Radzhana, Moscow-based theme park lovers

  3. I live close to the DreamWorks Moscow location shown below. Will take some pictures soon and post them here!

  4. CNN writes:

    The "Disneyland-style" park, as Moscow city hall calls it, will be Europe's largest indoor theme park. It has been a long time in the making. DreamWorks Animation (DWA) signed a licensing agreement with a local developer in 2013, aiming to build three parks across Russia. At that time, the animation company called Russia "one of the most important markets in the world."
    DreamWorks is not looking to back out. The animation company confirmed the agreement stands, but refused to comment further. Its theme parks business is based on licensing -- meaning the company sells its right to local developers, rather than building the park itself.

  5. Moscow DreamWorks going ahead now!

    Moscow's urban planning commission has approved plans for a children's amusement park along the lines of Disneyland to be built in the Nagatinskaya Poima park in southeastern Moscow, City Hall said in a statement.

    The amusement park will include an indoor theme park operated by Hollywood animation studio DreamWorks, another park operated by Russian animator Soyuzmultfilm, a movie theater, cafes, shops and more. It will have a total area of more than 290,000 square meters, the statement said.

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    (The video is in Russian)

    Construction may begin summer of 2015. Read more on the source:

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    "DreamWorks Theme Park Construction to Start in 2015"

    Construction of Moscow’s DreamWorks theme park may begin by the end of 2015
    Bad news: The article can't be read unless you are a subscriber to or living in certain European countries. However, these few lines are telling us that vertical construction might start soon.


  8. This article talks about the alleged Moscow location:

    In the southern administrative district of Moscow (SAD) of the capital within the Industrial Zone in Nagatinsky floodplain plan to create a dedicated children's amusement park "Disneyland" of 250 thousand. sq. m, the chief architect of Moscow, Sergei Kuznetsov.

    As previously reported, "RBC Real Estate," American DreamWorks Animation and the Russian commercial real estate developer HC "Regions" said a joint project involving the construction of the network in the cities of Russia covered the theme parks.
    As noted in the presentation of the project on the grounds of the floodplain Nagatinsky accommodate indoor theme park season DreamWorks, pavilion studio "Soyuzmultfilm", a multiplex cinema, an ice rink, a concert hall "Moscow", a food court, a hotel, a children's sailing school, cafes, restaurants and Parking, ferris wheel - which may be the highest in Moscow.


    Photo source:

  9. More artwork:


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