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    This article talks about the alleged Moscow location:

    In the southern administrative district of Moscow (SAD) of the capital within the Industrial Zone in Nagatinsky floodplain plan to create a dedicated children's amusement park "Disneyland" of 250 thousand. sq. m, the chief architect of Moscow, Sergei Kuznetsov.

    As previously reported, "RBC Real Estate," American DreamWorks Animation and the Russian commercial real estate developer HC "Regions" said a joint project involving the construction of the network in the cities of Russia covered the theme parks.
    As noted in the presentation of the project on the grounds of the floodplain Nagatinsky accommodate indoor theme park season DreamWorks, pavilion studio "Soyuzmultfilm", a multiplex cinema, an ice rink, a concert hall "Moscow", a food court, a hotel, a children's sailing school, cafes, restaurants and Parking, ferris wheel - which may be the highest in Moscow.


    Photo source:

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    More artwork:


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    Entrance to the park will pass through the mall

    Each of the parks will be DreamWorks "anchor tenant" (major) within the largest shopping and entertainment complexes. Under the plan, each of these SEC will also multifunctional concert hall, a cinema format 4D, three-star hotel with 400 rooms and a shopping center with parking for 11,000 cars.

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    St Petersburg location:

    Yekaterinburg location:

    No Moscow location map in the brochure.

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    DreamWorks indoor theme park brochure issued by Regions Group, DreamWorks' Russian partner:


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    One of Russia's top development firms, Regions Group, will build a "Moscow version of Disneyland," a theme park under the brand of Hollywood's DreamWorks Animation in the south of Moscow, as the first step to setting up three such parks for a total of $1 billion, Vedomosti reported last week.

    A City Hall source said the park would be built in the Nagatino neighborhood, near the industrial zone of the former ZIL car factory, the newspaper reported.
    Next to the park, a new metro station Technopark will be built shortly on the green line.
    "The park will not be very big, so it may soon pay off," Rodionov said.

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    You can't read the full article, but it looks like the Moscow park is confirmed to go ahead:

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    DreamWorks St Petersburg: 2015
    DreamWorks Yekaterinburg: 2016
    DreamWorks Moscow: 2017
    Universal Studios Moscow: 2018

    - What companion property, except the indoor park will be in the project? What are you planning to build there and what rate investment in the project?

    - It is not just a theme park. We construct a large multifunctional complex, much of which takes the theme park, and the remaining area will be devoted to a shopping center, a concert hall, a hotel with 500 rooms and parking.
    first park we plan to open in St. Petersburg in 2015, the second - in Yekaterinburg in early 2016 year, and a third in Moscow - in 2017.
    On average area of these parks will be about 100 thousand square meters, and height - 35 meters. Budget that we spend on the implementation of each object, according to preliminary estimates will be at least $ 700 million.

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    Park visitors will have a chance to get fully immersed in the world of DreamWorks Animationís beloved franchises including Shrek, Madagaskar, Kung Fu Panda, How to Train Your Dragon, and others.

    The park will feature multiple amusement rides and attractions, live entertainment events, theme restaurants and many other things. In addition to the theme park, the multifunctional complex will also include a retail and entertainment center, a multi-purpose concert and movie hall, a multiplex with an IMAX movie theater, a three-star 500-room hotel, and a park and garden area with a theme sculpture park, ponds, and fountains.

    The total area of the theme park and the retail and entertainment center will be 70,000 sq. m and 100,000 sq. m, respectively.

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