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Local Name:
Остров Мечты
27 Nov 2015
Construction Start:
17 Mar 2016
Sep 2019
Moscow, Russia
26 ha
Regions Group
Regions Entertainment
Feasibility Study / Consultants:
Other Suppliers:

  1. Three Zamperla rides have been completed installed at jungle/dinosaur-themed area of the park: "City of Monkeys" spinning ride, "Dinosafari" safari jeep ride, and "Cobra" disco ride

  2. When is this theme park expected to open?

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    Dec 2015

    Feel the atmosphere of Italy dreams. The Miniature of one of the most grandiose structures of the ancient world is ready. Now, to see the majestic Colosseum, it is not necessary to go to Italy - it will be enough to walk around the city promenade of the "Dream Island".

    A lot of effort was needed to create the most similar copy of amphitheater and preserve the right proportions. We managed to achieve realism thanks to the work of our sculptors who used advanced construction technologies and special materials.The Colosseum will be the decoration of the city promenade, which is unlikely to be able to pass and not to make an atmospheric photo. After all, this is one of the most difficult and most anticipated attractions among those that will appear on the "Dream Island"!

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