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Local Name:
Parque Tematico de C.
12 Nov 2014
Construction Start:
P. Vallarta, Mexico
53 ha
Grupo Vidanta
Feasibility Study / Consultants:
Ride Suppliers:
Other Suppliers:
  1. Did you take pictures on your hard hat underground tunnel tour? Can you post here?

  2. The park was originally scheduled to open in November 2018. Phase 1 is NOT the water park but in fact the Kingdom of the Sun. My source is my Vidanta Grand Luxxe "Celebrate" contract in which I own 3 weeks annually in the Grand Luxxe in Nuevo Vallarta and 5 weeks in even years in the Grand Cascades resort in the theme park. The contract gives a specific date in November of 2018 and even stipulates that if the park does not open by that date Vidanta has breached our contract and we can cancel our ownership and receive every penny of our money back.

    I would expect that they will try to avoid the refunds and re-negotiations with all of the "Celebrate" contract holders. There are a lot of us and it will create a lot of work and headaches for them. The water park section is expected to be open in mid 2019 with the Kingdom of the Moon shortly behind it in 2020.

    If you look in the arial views the Kingdom of the Sun section is clearly far more advanced than the water park section. The Kingdom of the Moon section is mostly untouched. Even the area with the golf course hasn't been dug up yet.

    We took a hard hat tour of the underground tunnels back in October of 2016. It was really cool and massive! I'm sure they are trying for Nov 2018 but it would not surprise me if it runs over. They have to get licensed before they can open and corners won't be cut in that process.

  3. What are the sources for the dates? 2020,2019 or 2018.. Phase 1 I thought was the Waterpark and with all the theming, are you sure that that would happen before end 2018?

  4. Phase one of the park opens November 2018

  5. Not true. Construction is behind schedule. Park will open in 2020.

  6. Nope. November 2018.

  7. This is, I think, from April. I can't find any fresher. But it's a fact they pushed back the opening for 2019.


  8. Any fresh construction pictures from the ground?

  9. While visiting the Vidanta Nuevo Resort in Feb. 2017 - I was told by a local - that 2018 was becoming less likely .
    I believe they will open the waterpark section first .

  10. Heard launch date is pushed to 2019 or even 2020? Anyone has more info?

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