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Local Name:
04 Dec 2015
Construction Start:
30 Dec 2015
Hengqin, China
304 ha
Chimelong Group
Chimelong Group
Feasibility Study / Consultants:
Other Suppliers:
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    Little bit more on this Chinese contractor's site:

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    The official name is Chimelong - Ocean Kingdom. Hengqin Zhuhai.

    The owner got one park in Guangzhou, named as Chimelong. More like a zoo with circus & live performance. This is his second park, aiming to build an International sizes and scale Ocean theme park, when the entire development completed, it will bigger than Sea World in USA.

    Opening for the park has been changing since last year, it's now schedule to open by Aug, two months to go which is not likely to happen again. It would be a big surprise if it opens by end of this year!

  5. Anonymous Guest
    These are awesome pictures, thank you!! I wonder what's the official name of the park...

    This site refers to 'Changlong Ocean World', but on the net I can also find 'Chime Long Ocean World', 'Chimelong Ocean Park', 'Chimelong Ocean Kingdom', 'Zhuhai Ocean Park', 'Zhuhai Ocean World', 'Zhuhai Ocean Resort' and so on... is this all the same project? What does 'Changlong' stand for? What's this theme park's proper name?

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    Construction pix taken from southern Macao across the causeway. Can spot two coasters and one arena. Guess it's for a fish show. Anyone spot more?

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    It will open at the end of this year!

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    On 29 November 2010, the main body of the Chime-Long International Ocean Resort with an initial investment of 10 billion yuan kicked off the construction on Hengqin Island and is expected to become operational in 2013.

    Also breaking ground is the “Ocean Kingdom” project, consisting of entertainment facilities, amusement rides, performances, high-tech experiences and animal watching as well as the dolphin-themed hotel with 1,888 guest rooms. Plans indicate that the ocean resort will cover Fuxiang Bay, Hengqin Hill and Dolphin Bay, with a total investment of over 20 billion yuan.

    The entire project is being constructed in two phases. The first phase of 10 billion yuan involves mainly facilities in Fuxiang Bay and is due to become operational in 2013. The "Ocean Kingdom" is regarded as a "super theme park" with independent intellectual property rights. It is divided into eight themed zones, each consisting of the three main components of amusement designs, performances and animal watching.

    The park will also house a night zoo, water world, the world’s highest ferris wheel, the longest wooden roller coaster as well as an advanced theatre.

    The dolphin-themed hotel after completion is set to become the largest ecological-themed hotel in mainland China. It is expected that more than 20 million visitors from around the world will be attracted to the ocean resort once it is fully operational.

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    One article states ¥3B and the other one ¥100B. Lol. The typical theme park world yakety-yack

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