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04 Dec 2015
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30 Dec 2015
Hengqin, China
304 ha
Chimelong Group
Chimelong Group
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  1. Maybe not at present - but what about their future plans?

  2. hkzoe, do you have any evidence for the links between these parks? If all that is true, it might be that Sea World is planning to built a new park in China. They have recently stated in an article from Orlando Sentinel that they talk to specific people in specific places.

    I heard that Chimelong Ocean Kingdom considers itself to be the Orlando of Asia so it seems like there is a link between the two. If Sea World already trades sperm with Ocean Park, it makes perfect sense to set up a new park and open up a new orca market in China. Japan could also become a new sperm trading partner while Russia regularly delivers wild captured orcas from their seas to all these parks.

    Do you know how the Chinese/Japanese public stand in regards to cetacean captivity? California has proposed a bill to ban orca captivity last week so Sea World San Diego is currently threatened to lose its orcas if the bill goes through. That may be exactly why Sea World is trying to expand internationally now. If captivity could be outlawed in Japan and China before this happens, that would be amazing, but I hear the government in Japan is very much for wild captures and slaughter. Not sure about China?!

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    There's hundred of these aquariums all over China... hence the demand... also many go to the hundreds of aquariums in Japan. Would like to see legislation outlaw cetacean captivity for show purposes and dolphin breeding programmes.

    Prohibit it
    Outlaw it
    Phase it out

    We could start with Hong Kong Ocean Park...

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    I'd also like to add that many of these trainers working in China with cetaceans are members of the IMATA, and should not really even be interacting with these creatures who are taken from drive fisheries. Being a member of the IMATA apparently means you love them... but to continue on and pretend these beautiful creatures weren't ripped away from their families and witnessed their families being killed... for a paycheck... just shows their true colours. Money talks.

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    Yes, that's correct. Got all sorts there, ex SeaWorld, ex Busch Gardens, ex Loro Parque, some 'IMATA members too! And of course Ocean Park HK has complained about losing some of their staff.

    Julien Forestier - ex Loro Parque, Connyland - Zhuhai Chimelong marine mammal trainer
    Alan Stein - ex Busch Gardens - Zhuhai Chimelong executive producer
    Ray Davis - ex SeaWorld Orlando curator, Georgia aquarium senior vice president - Zhuhai Chimelong

    Ocean Park in HK is also affiliated with SeaWorld, via their AI breeding programme.

  6. Is Ocean Kingdom making any deals with Sea World? I heard that some of the employees in Ocean Kingdom are former Sea World personnel, is that right?

  7. We know that two orcas who were caught in the Sea of Okhotsk in Russia in 2013 have been transported and traded to China. People who watch these trades know that China bought two orcas from Russia. Now there isn't a whole lot of places an orca in a holding tank can go to. People don't trade orcas for fun, they do it for purpose.

    These are expensive animals as well worth a million dollars per animal so you don't just buy them for no reason. It's a planned investment. Ocean Park had no orcas since the 1997 and it seems unlikely that after 17 years of not having any orcas on display, they would suddenly enquire to get some. But a new massive park with new attractions and new pools hoping to attract millions of visitors... yes that one could very easily be interested in opening up orcas shows.

    People know that those orcas are currently being trained up somewhere. So it's just a matter of time when those orcas are ready to perform that they will be put on display. And I would not be surprised if two orcas pop up in your park by the summer.

  8. The difference between the soul of an ant and an orca is that the ant is not self-aware, the orcas' soul is.

    Both animals should be respected in the same degree. None of these animals should be killed recklessly. But as far as I'm aware ants don't live in parks, do they? No one goes around and catches them, puts them in plastic containers only to transport them around the globe and put them in a tank? Orcas live in the open ocean and swim hundreds of miles every day. In a tank they can't do that any longer. There is much scientific evidence that orcas suffer in captivity. Can ants suffer to the same degree if caught and put into a park? I'm not an ant expert but as far as I'm aware insects aren't horribly intelligent creatures that merely act on instinct. Orcas are much like us, they have an additional part of their brain responsible for emotions, one that we don't have. They are self-conscious creatures like us, so are other dolphin species.

    Scientists like Dr. Naomi Rose and Dr. Ingrid Visser both argue that captivity damages these creatures and it's backed up by statistics. 87% of all orcas that have been caught since the 60s have died within 10 years of their confinement. Most orcas die prematurely. In captivity they live reduced life spans by roughly 50%.

    Depending on how big Ocean Kingdom's orca pool will be, these 2 orcas will likely die within the first 5-10 years. Some wild caught orcas didn't even survive more than a few days.

  9. What's the difference in value between the soul of an ant and an orca? Because the orca is bigger, some humans care overly much. No one cares about the ant, and everyone is smashing bugs the whole day long, and leaves them half dead on the floor.

  10. I will never visit this park. Theme parks that hold cetaceans should finally be outlawed. This park will have belugas and dolphins, all of which suffer incredibly in captivity.

    There is also speculation that two orcas who were caught in the wild in Russia have been bought by Ocean Kingdom and will be put on to display. If that is true I will advise everyone I know not to go to this park. Sea World in America is currently getting destroyed by criticism over their orca care. 3 humans have died from orca attacks in captivity.

    No matter how hard you try and how big and deep a pool you built, orcas are incredibly social and intelligent creatures that die prematurely in captivity because the conditions are simply not good enough. They live in really tight family bonds that last a lifetime in the wild. And people go rip their families apart.

    It's terrible. I'm not a friend of dominance so I'm not a friend of any theme parks that traumatize these wonderful creatures. Cetacean captivity is a dying business. Since the movie Blackfish the debate has gone viral so all China is doing is trying to set up a market that is gradually decreasing and falling apart. Not the most clever business decision if you ask me.

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