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    Chimelong Ocean Kingdom to Open in Late 2013

    ...the opening is slated for a yet-to-be-named date later this year.
    the Chinese corporation has outsourced design of the park to an American firm – PGAV Destinations.
    The St. Louis based firm has $1 billion in projects in 2012 alone and works with an eclectic mix of world class parks and attractions including Sea World, Busch Gardens, The Biltmore Estate and Kennedy Space Center.
    ...transforming the last of the undeveloped Pearl River Delta islands into what Mr. Su describes as the “Orlando of China” which “will become the new benchmark for the theme park industry.”
    The Orlando Project (as the Group has dubbed it) will include 10 theme parks
    In addition to the uber-tank featuring the whale shark...
    The ride plans include German engineered thrills including a MACK water coaster, a MACK Super splash and a MACK dark ride as well as a Swiss designed Bolliger & Mabillard flying coaster that will take you through a rain forest from a bird-eye view.

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    Picture taken just a few days ago:

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    From LinkedIn sources:

    Chimelong Ocean Kingdom is nearing the end of its three-year construction period on Hengqin Island in China’s southeastern Guangdong province.

    Ocean Kingdom will be the first great Asian theme park combining animal exhibits, themed entertainment shows, and thrill rides. Its eight themed zones will incorporate family and thrill attractions like the MACK dark ride, water coaster, and super splash as well as a Bolliger & Mabillard flying coaster and a wide variety of attractions.

    Facilities Operations Service:
    An integrated ELV control system which manage energy, chilled water system, boiler plant, surveillance and irrigation system.
    Three chiller plants which serves 21000Rt of the cooling capacity to the park.

    Life Support System:
    The largest life support system all over the world which handle over 90,000 tons water for the living sea mammals. The estimated daily consumption of the sea water will be around 260 tons.

    All attractions are provided by well-known ride manufacturers such as Chance Morgan, Zierer, B&M and Mack Ride.
    Responsible for the creation, implementation and development of the training program for various world-class marine mammal shows at "Hengqin Ocean Kingdom", a huge marine theme-park project located in South-East China right accross the water of Macau.

    Coach and coordinate the efforts of 40 trainers/supervisors. Oversee the daily care and well being of a zoological collection that includes beluga whales, bottlenose dolphins and Pacific white-sided dolphins.
    Currently working on the design and construction of 60m high artificial rockwork mountain at Chimelong Henqin Ocean Kingdom Project.
    Design, Build and Installation of 13,500SQM of external rockworks, 2500SQM of restaurant facade, and guest area interior façade works of 3 exhibits gallery.

  4. Great story by Brady MacDonald:,0,581058.story

    The first of 10 theme parks planned for a 2,000-acre resort billed as the "Orlando of China" is expected to open in late 2013 after three years of construction.

    The $2-billion marine-based Chimelong Ocean Kingdom theme park on Hengqin Island in China is to be connected by bridge to Macau and by ferry to Hong Kong.
    Ocean Kingdom, built on reclaimed land that was once an oyster bed in the South China Sea, is to feature nine water-themed lands designed by PGAV Destinations, a St. Louis-based firm that has created theme park attractions for Universal Studios, Six Flags, SeaWorld and Busch Gardens.

    In a region known for inferior ride knockoffs, Ocean Kingdom plans to install brand-name attractions by Switzerland's Bolliger & Mabillard, Chance Rides of Wichita, Kan., and Germany's Zierer and Mack Rides, according to Funworld magazine.

    Plans call for Ocean Kingdom's signature ride to be a parrot-themed B&M winged coaster with the working title of Flying Over the Rainforest. The park also is expected to feature a pair of water-centric roller coasters by Mack Rides similar to Atlantica and Poseidon at Europa-Park in Germany. A Mack dark ride has also been announced.
    Several SeaWorld-style stadiums are to host marine animal performances by Beluga whales, dolphins, sea lions and walruses. Large aquariums are to exhibit penguins, polar bears, manta rays and rare dolphins. The planned centerpiece of the park: a 6-million gallon aquarium dubbed the "largest window in the world" housing a whale shark, a threatened species and the world's largest fish.
    Plans to build the world's tallest Ferris wheel and the world's longest wooden coaster have been postponed; the rides may appear in future theme parks envisioned for the resort.

    Chimelong Group's chairman, Su Zhigang, whose wealth the Wall Street Journal estimated at $390 million in 2012, envisions building 10 theme parks on the massive property with a dozen hotels, three golf courses, two yacht clubs and a 60-story hilltop landmark rivaling the Eiffel Tower.

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  6. Little bit more on this Chinese contractor's site:

  7. Hi,

    The official name is Chimelong - Ocean Kingdom. Hengqin Zhuhai.

    The owner got one park in Guangzhou, named as Chimelong. More like a zoo with circus & live performance. This is his second park, aiming to build an International sizes and scale Ocean theme park, when the entire development completed, it will bigger than Sea World in USA.

    Opening for the park has been changing since last year, it's now schedule to open by Aug, two months to go which is not likely to happen again. It would be a big surprise if it opens by end of this year!

  8. These are awesome pictures, thank you!! I wonder what's the official name of the park...

    This site refers to 'Changlong Ocean World', but on the net I can also find 'Chime Long Ocean World', 'Chimelong Ocean Park', 'Chimelong Ocean Kingdom', 'Zhuhai Ocean Park', 'Zhuhai Ocean World', 'Zhuhai Ocean Resort' and so on... is this all the same project? What does 'Changlong' stand for? What's this theme park's proper name?

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    Construction pix taken from southern Macao across the causeway. Can spot two coasters and one arena. Guess it's for a fish show. Anyone spot more?

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