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Local Name:
04 Dec 2015
Construction Start:
30 Dec 2015
Hengqin, China
28 ha
Chimelong Group
Chimelong Group
Feasibility Study / Consultants:
Other Suppliers:
Galasys, SAP Entertainment, Zhuhai City Zhen Ye Concrete Company
  1. Looks fantastic but I won't be going if you put orcas on display. To those who say "care about something else" how about you go and do something about the issues you care about rather than criticising people for wanting to change things for the better? Orcas are self-aware creatures like humans. They can see themselves as distinct from the environment. To keep them confined in tanks is equivalent to human slavery. Scientists worldwide speak out against captivity. They suffer and die prematurely. If you don't care about that, then that's your issue not ours. There are many problems in our world. Every person cares about something different and many people care about orcas, others care about people starving. Go do something about it if you so deeply care about human starvation.

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    Ice coaster now open and whale shark in the tank:

  3. You do realize that orcas are Mamals and not fish?

  4. Orca lovers, did you know: every day, 20,000 people die from hunger! 20,000!! Care about them, not about fish.

  5. Speculation goes around that Chimelong is already in possession of two orcas who are currently held in sea pens somewhere in the park or near the park but not yet on public display.

    Most recent news state that Sea World is planning to expand to South Korea and open up a new Sea World park partnering up with Samsung Everland. If that is true, Chimelong Ocean Kingdom will likely profit from orca trades in the near future. It would take Sea World 2-4 years to open a new park in South Korea. If they do, the orca market in Asia is opening up anew. And then Chimelong will most likely try to make profit from the orca business as well.

    All a bunch of heartless souls who only care about the money but have no understanding of how much damage captivity does to these wonderful creatures.

  6. Maybe not at present - but what about their future plans?

  7. hkzoe, do you have any evidence for the links between these parks? If all that is true, it might be that Sea World is planning to built a new park in China. They have recently stated in an article from Orlando Sentinel that they talk to specific people in specific places.

    I heard that Chimelong Ocean Kingdom considers itself to be the Orlando of Asia so it seems like there is a link between the two. If Sea World already trades sperm with Ocean Park, it makes perfect sense to set up a new park and open up a new orca market in China. Japan could also become a new sperm trading partner while Russia regularly delivers wild captured orcas from their seas to all these parks.

    Do you know how the Chinese/Japanese public stand in regards to cetacean captivity? California has proposed a bill to ban orca captivity last week so Sea World San Diego is currently threatened to lose its orcas if the bill goes through. That may be exactly why Sea World is trying to expand internationally now. If captivity could be outlawed in Japan and China before this happens, that would be amazing, but I hear the government in Japan is very much for wild captures and slaughter. Not sure about China?!

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    There's hundred of these aquariums all over China... hence the demand... also many go to the hundreds of aquariums in Japan. Would like to see legislation outlaw cetacean captivity for show purposes and dolphin breeding programmes.

    Prohibit it
    Outlaw it
    Phase it out

    We could start with Hong Kong Ocean Park...

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    I'd also like to add that many of these trainers working in China with cetaceans are members of the IMATA, and should not really even be interacting with these creatures who are taken from drive fisheries. Being a member of the IMATA apparently means you love them... but to continue on and pretend these beautiful creatures weren't ripped away from their families and witnessed their families being killed... for a paycheck... just shows their true colours. Money talks.

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