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    Chimelong Ocean Kingdom recently received a new species of dolphin (in addition to fur seals and otters) called the Chinese White Dolphin which is a variety of the Indo Pacific Humpbacked Dolphin. Chimelong Ocean Kingdom originally planned on housing this dolphin species when the park was originally being constructed (read second paragraph:


    Underwater World Singapore (UWS) and the Dolphin Lagoon are set to close on Jun 26 after 25 years of service, operator Haw Par announced on Monday (Jun 6).

    Haw Par said that UWS had to vacate the facility and cease operations as the lease on the Sentosa attraction was expiring in less than two years. Its pink dolphins, fur seals and otters have been transferred to Chimelong Ocean Kingdom in Zhuhai, China.

    Chimelong Ocean Kingdom has "one of the finest facilities in the world and a strong staff with expertise in marine mammal veterinary and husbandry care, as well as an active breeding and conservation programme", said Haw Par.

    "Although UWS’ lease is not ending yet, ensuring that our CITES animals have a good home to relocate to is our responsibility and we decided to facilitate their transfer to COK and to cease operations earlier," it added. "The transfer of the UWS CITES animals to COK was approved by the authorities in Singapore and China and the animals were relocated last week."

    As for its 70 staff, Underwater World Singapore told Channel NewsAsia they will be compensated in accordance with Singapore's Employment Act. It is also working with unions to organise a month-long outplacement programme to enhance their career-readiness and will consider them for internal re-deployment. "We will assist the staff, within our means, to look for alternative job opportunities since they have acquired valuable experience and knowledge during their employment with UWS."

    Before the announcement, the "meet the dolphins" session at UWS had been closed since May 26, according to a notice on its website.

    To mark its closing, UWS will provide free admissions to beneficiaries from charity partners it worked with in the past. From Tuesday (Jun 7), tickets will also return to 1991 prices, when the attraction first opened - S$9 per adult and S$5 per child.


    UWS has faced increased competition since the Marine Life Park - which includes Dolphin Island and the S.E.A. Aquarium - opened at Resorts World Sentosa in 2012.

    The Dolphin Lagoon was relaunched in 2010 after a revamp, and also welcomed the birth of a pink dolphin calf, Splish, in November 2014.

    However, scandal struck the park earlier in 2014. In August that year, animal welfare groups Wildlife Watcher (Singapore) and Sea Shepherd Conservation Society published a report, detailing the "appalling" health of dolphins held at the Dolphin Lagoon as well as "sub-standard" conditions of other animals at Underwater World Singapore.

    In response, UWS said that the dolphin in the report had non-transmissible skin cancer, and was being treated. It added that its facility complies with the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority's (AVA) licensing conditions for animal conditions.

    The Marine Life Park at Resorts World Sentosa has also attracted its fair share of complaints, most recently in 2014 after the report of a dolphin death in the park. Three other dolphins out of a total of 27 set for the Marine Life Park died before they reached Singapore.


    Visitors at Underwater World spoke to Channel NewsAsia about the attraction's 25-year history as well as its mixed legacy.

    "We grew up coming to Underwater World so it's definitely really sad that it has to go, but I guess they face stiff competition from S.E.A Aquarium," said Vanessa Ho, 23, who works in operations. She added: "Animals belong in the wild; (the fact that) that Dolphin Lagoon is closing seems right". Businesswoman Irene Torio, 44, agreed, saying that dolphins "belong in the wild and to keep them in captivity is not a good idea".

    Rhalina, 35, a tourist from Perth, added: "I think it's a shame because we too lost our equivalent. I didn't get to see the dolphins but they do enjoy the company of people, and it's a good educational tool."

    Said engineer Val Tan: "It's sad that it's closing. I remember coming here in primary school when it had just opened and now I'm 32, but we're glad we got to bring our baby here before it closes."

    But for Jennifer Ng, 29, a Vietnam national who works in Singapore, her visit came a little too late. She told Channel NewsAsia: "Today I brought my family (from Vietnam) to see the dolphins but they aren't here anymore." She mused: "But I guess it's good that they move. If I were in the same place for 25 years, I'd like to make a move too."

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    Does anyone know where the expansion is going to be located compared to the current park?

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    Construction is back on at Chimelong as they begin construction on 4 new adjoining theme parks.

    Construction has started at the Chimelong Zhuhai Resort, home of Thea Award recipient Ocean Kingdom, on four new theme parks. Chimelong will invest a total of $50 billion yuan (approximately US$7.5 billion) in the resort’s expansion.


  4. Anonymous Guest
    Here are some aerial pics shot from the surrounding mountains earlier this month:

  5. Anonymous Guest
    Looks fantastic but I won't be going if you put orcas on display. To those who say "care about something else" how about you go and do something about the issues you care about rather than criticising people for wanting to change things for the better? Orcas are self-aware creatures like humans. They can see themselves as distinct from the environment. To keep them confined in tanks is equivalent to human slavery. Scientists worldwide speak out against captivity. They suffer and die prematurely. If you don't care about that, then that's your issue not ours. There are many problems in our world. Every person cares about something different and many people care about orcas, others care about people starving. Go do something about it if you so deeply care about human starvation.

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    Ice coaster now open and whale shark in the tank:

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    You do realize that orcas are Mamals and not fish?

  8. Anonymous Guest

  9. Anonymous Guest
    Orca lovers, did you know: every day, 20,000 people die from hunger! 20,000!! Care about them, not about fish.

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    Speculation goes around that Chimelong is already in possession of two orcas who are currently held in sea pens somewhere in the park or near the park but not yet on public display.

    Most recent news state that Sea World is planning to expand to South Korea and open up a new Sea World park partnering up with Samsung Everland. If that is true, Chimelong Ocean Kingdom will likely profit from orca trades in the near future. It would take Sea World 2-4 years to open a new park in South Korea. If they do, the orca market in Asia is opening up anew. And then Chimelong will most likely try to make profit from the orca business as well.

    All a bunch of heartless souls who only care about the money but have no understanding of how much damage captivity does to these wonderful creatures.

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