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20 Sep 2011
Construction Start:
10 Jan 2014
27 May 2017
5 ha
Feasibility Study / Consultants:
Lightstorm Entertainment, Walt Disney Imagineering
Ride Suppliers:
Other Suppliers:
  1. Anonymous Guest
    Didn't "Vekoma" supply (at least part) of the mechanicism for "Flight of Passage"?
    It appears that Vekoma then definitely needs to be added as a supplier!

  2. Anonymous Guest
    Didn't "Vekoma" supply (at least part) of the mechanicism for "Flight of Passage"?

  3. Anonymous Guest
    Didn't "Vekoma" supply (at least part) of the mechanicism for "Flight of Passage"?

  4. Anonymous Guest
    Area: 11.7 Acres

  5. Anonymous Guest
    Disney Imagineers at work. Found on LinkedIn.

  6. CarlySX is online now themeparX Top Investigator
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    This is from the 24th May but thought it was worth including as it's pretty unique.

  7. Anonymous Guest

  8. Anonymous Guest
    Full ride experience, including queue:

  9. Anonymous Guest
    The second part of this video should answer your question:

  10. Anonymous Guest
    I wanted to focus on the main attraction, Flight of Passage. Because wow, this is some ride.

    As a bit of a theme park junkie, it’s rare I can walk off a ride and instantly say, “That’s now one of my all-time favorites.” In fact, the last time I think that happened was when I first rode Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey at Universal’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter seven years ago. But I feel secure saying that about Flight of Passage. It’s a new gold standard.
    Eric Goldman

    Each rider is given 3D glasses and instructed to sit on their own individual vehicle that's shaped pretty similarly to a motorcycle. The ride itself utilizes extremely advanced 3D technology, not unlike Star Tours in Hollywood Studios — except for the fact that this one is way better.

    As the ride begins, the immersive 3D screen suddenly transports you to Pandora as you zip through mountains, above the ocean, and into a bioluminescent cave. At times the ride is scary. As these rides go, things do jump out at you. The ride is also incredibly calming at times — a nice balance that is much appreciated by nervous riders like myself.

    Disney rides, however, are not complete without that one tiny detail that revolutionizes theme park rides at-large and leaves you stunned. For me, that detail on Flight of Passage was the sensation of the banshee's movement and breathing beneath you. It may sound silly, but it feels remarkably true to life . . . if true life involved floating mountains and all that.

    Leaving the ride, I instantly thought to myself, "I can't wait to do that again."
    Kelsey Garcia

    The fantasy land opens to the public on May 27, and the crown jewel is its thrill ride, Avatar Flight of Passage. A masterful blend of storytelling and engineering, the ride triggers all your senses to suck you into Cameron's alien jungle. Wearing 3D glasses, you're locked into a motorcycle-style seat as you ride a banshee, swooping through the landscape, getting hit with ocean mist and fragrant scents (when you're not screaming, that is).
    Bridget Carey

    The vehicles are essentially stationary bikes. After donning 3-D glasses, a screen on the vehicle begins to match the guest’s face with that of a Na’Vi. A back support rises and pushes the seat forward. Once this process is complete, the ride begins. A screen appears in front, and we are immediately careening down a mountain on the back of a banshee.

    Fans have long speculated that this experience would be similar to Disney’s popular Soarin’ attraction, but Flight of Passage is far more intense and immersive than Soarin’. The screen feels intimate — this is my banshee — and the attraction’s base vibrates to mimic the movements of an animal. Riders soar among Pandora’s floating mountains and through waterfalls, feel splashes of water and robust gusts of wind.
    Todd Martens
    Quick reply to this message Reply
    How intense is Flight of Passage? Does it have any inversions/go upside down? Any notable drops? What about height / speed?

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