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    From when are these?

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    drone over avatarland

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    There are many perks to running the Walt Disney Co. It turns out one of them is getting to be the first to ride the winged beasts that will be one of Animal Kingdom’s signature rides when “Avatar” land opens inside the Walt Disney World theme park in 2017.

    Bob Iger said he was recently given the chance to try out the ride, which will enable guests to fly through “Avatar’s” Pandora on the back of a flying banshee.

    “It felt so real, so lifelike,” Iger said of the prototype vehicle guests will board to travel through the fictional land. “There’s never been anything like it.”

    The vessels that guests will ride upon will essentially be the banshees themselves, with bodies that move to mimic a breathing beast. The flying sequences will be brought to life through large video screens — similar to “Soarin'” — with vehicles moving with the 3D action inside a massive theater.
    Source: Variety

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous View Post
    thanks so much for posting these! these are great! anyone want to do an overlay with the leaked blueprints?

    I think it would be something like this

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    Is it already confirmed that the simulator ride will be based on the Soarin' technology?

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    I hope they are still making the boat ride through Pandora. There is nothing better than getting on a slow moving boat/flume ride and meandering through an attraction for 10 minutes or so. Living with the land is a great way to relax and spend 15 minutes just floating along...

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    Thanks so much for posting these! These are great! Anyone wants to do an overlay with the leaked blueprints?

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