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Local Name:
19 Sep 2017
Construction Start:
Riviera Maya, Mexico
121 ha
Grupo Gala Resorts & Entertainment, Grupo IUSA
Grupo Gala Resorts & Entertainment
Feasibility Study / Consultants:
Grow Architecture, Jora Vision, Leisure Expert Group, The Producers Group
Ride Suppliers:
Other Suppliers:
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    Huss Park Attractions has announced that the first project of its Explorer film based attraction will open at Cancun’s Riviera Maya in Mexico in 2019 at the new Amikoo Resort Destination Theme Park, currently being developed and scheduled to open next year.

    The Amikoo attraction will take visitors on a deep sea exploration around the seas of Mexico to discover the varied sea life.

    The Explorer provides the sensation of being immersed under the ocean by utilising cutting-edge technology, unrestricted views towards a 360° screen supporting large-format images, suitable sound effects, scents which pervade the ambience and the descending/ascending movement of the rider carrier.

    A themed boarding area will initially engage visitors in the adventure. Guests will enter the 70-seat gondola, themed as a submarine, from a docking bay before it sinks into the deep abyss. The Amikoo Explorer also offers a mix of entertainment and education, featuring messages to raise awareness about the care of the planet and an emphasis on the oceans and bio-diversity.
    Read more at the source:

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    This video shows it better and includes some ride previews and the area surrounding the resort.

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    Given the area and the layout, I think this is the most likely way its going to be built with the boundary hugging the existing construction on the beachfront.

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    This thread is for the Mayan-focused Amikoo Resort Destination Theme Park on Mexico’s Mayan Riviera (between Cancun and Playa del Carmen).

    The Amikoo complex will combine a top-quality museum, resort, and themed attractions with a culturally respectful presentation of Mayan culture in an environmentally sustainable manner. To this end, 85 of the project’s 120 acres will be preserved in their current natural state.
    Phase One of the Amikoo project will include the Amikoo Theme Park with 24 attractions, along with restaurants and shows.
    The park will also be home to the Maya Anthropology and Archeology Museum, and Amikoo Downtown with 340 hotel rooms, shops, entertainment, and restaurants. Among the property’s attractions will be “Mares de Mexico” (a submarine scientific expedition simulator), a “Fly Over Mexico” flying theater, and “Amikoo Surf Spot” (a combined wave pool and artificial beach).
    Phase Two will include 1,000+ more hotel rooms, plus the Maya Discovery interactive historical exhibition, Maya Extreme (home of the five sacred Maya trees), Maya Adventure (an ancient Mayan city), and Amikoo Land (home of the park’s Amikoo Family characters).
    Concept art and layout:

    Sources: and and and and and and and and and

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    Status: under construction

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