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26 Jul 2013
Construction Start:
17 Dec 2013
KL, Malaysia
10 ha
  1. I'm afraid this might affect The VOID as well... Star Wars themed

  2. Genting Malaysia has now officially sued The Walt DIsney Company & Fox, as Disney was trying to back away from the theme park being developed.

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  4. The indoor theme park will only open from late dec to early 2019

  5. Just rumors. Its won't be open till 2019

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    Yesterday at the 2018 IAAPA Attractions Expo in Orlando Dynamic Attractions announced new details about the Sons of Anarchy ride coming to the theme park, which according to the ride manufacturer will be opening in "spring 2019"

    “The Duel Power Coaster the world’s most advanced roller coaster vehicle,” states Hao Wang, President, Dynamic Attractions. “Most coasters are all about the track. That is only half of the excitement in this ride, where the cart itself is powered and moves, creating racing sensations never possible before on a roller coaster.”

    In addition to the 4-DOF motion platform, it has dual propulsion. The combination of On-Board drive and an Off-Board Linear Synchronous Motor drive heightens the experience for guests. “Imagine racing on a track and then suddenly ‘powering-up’ to boost your speed,” adds Wang.

    Sources: and and;aggregationId=&albumid=&filter=2&ff=358134854 and

  7. Somebody said the indoor theme park is opening on November 16 but l don’t know if this rumor is true...

  8. Is the indoor park opening by November 20th?

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