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Local Name:
20th Century Fox World Malaysia
26 Jul 2013
Construction Start:
17 Dec 2013
10 ha
  1. j2822 is offline New User
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    Jan 2018
    Have they started on constructing the Aliens vs Predator ride? I suppose that would be one of the highlights for thrilling rides?

  2. croods is offline themeparX Top Investigator
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    Jan 2018
    Any news/updates on indoor theme park Skytropolis?
    Some said it would be opened on Feb?

  3. Mello is offline themeparX Top Investigator
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    Aug 2017
    Based on Facebook comments of someone working at the park, the Night At The Museum attraction will be an interactive dark ride.

  4. ClintonHT is offline Senior Park Investigator
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    Jun 2017
    For now, no. The area looks like it will be land for future development.

  5. Is Titanic still going to be part of this theme park? Because I didn't see the Titanic structure in any of the pictures posted here.

  6. But isn't Son of Anarchy mainly motorbikes if I'm not mistaken? Maybe it's like turbo track, but with motorbike vehicles

  7. I think the mystery "Son of Anarchy" coaster could be a "Turbo Racer" from Cavu Design:

    Video from the virtual experience:

  8. Does anyone know exactly when it's opening?

  9. Does anyone else think that the metal bars hovering above the tracks of the Son of Anarchy roller coaster is gonna be disguised as a road? Or any other ideas?

  10. It is the Park Avenue Lounge located at level M of Sky Avenue

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